Wrestler of the Year

An incredible moment.

There was a time when people questioned whether AJ Styles could make it in WWE. Did he have the charisma and even if he did would Vince see in him what countless others always had? Well, that view looks pretty fucking stupid now.

AJ Styles has had an incredible year. He started off by putting on a classic with Nakamura in the Tokyo Dome and ended it as WWE Champion. That alone would be cause for celebration, but it was all the stuff that Styles did in between that was truly incredible. The guy turned James Ellsworth into a main eventer for crying out loud.

And your new WWE Champion.

It’s tempting to just sit and list everything that AJ can do but you all know it. Whether it’s making Roman Reigns look strong as an underdog face or running from Ambrose as a cowardly hell it all seems effortless for him. He could make me look world class and I’d make the broom look like a pro.

AJ Styles has always been a top tier wrestler. His matches with Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels in TNA are some of my favourite of all time. However, this year, he proved he was more than just that, he’s an outstanding sports entertainer too. For all of 2016’s faults, we end the year with AJ Styles as WWE Champion and that’s awesome.

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