Betraying The Martyrs – The Resilient

While doing a metal version of ‘Let It Go’ might get you plenty of those internet clicks it is unlikely to gain you much in the way of metal cred. A problem that Betraying The Martyrs must surely be aware of. In essence a deathcore band (this being the type of core which means modern metalcore rather than anything related to hardcore) they have at times struggled due to their own ambition; their big sweeping sound bringing equal parts praise and derision.

With all that in mind, The Resilient is an important album for these French metallers. The one that could make them or break them. It’s a good thing then that it might be their most accomplished work yet.

‘Lost For Words’ gets things off to a flying start. When Betraying The Martyrs are bringing the heavy, they have an incredibly satisfying sound. The riffs are big and crunchy and are thick enough that you could scrape them up and put them on your toast. It can clash with their more symphonic elements, but on this opening track, the two combine perfectly. It gives everything an epic feel but at the same time allows you into its world.

Elsewhere, it’s nearly impossible to not caught up in the emotion of ‘Won’t Back Down.’ Who really gives a fuck what the song sounds like, a French band standing up to the rise of terrorist attacks in France is something you’ve got to get behind, surely nothing can stop this becoming an emotional live favourite?

After that Betraying The Martyrs dish up one of the heaviest moments on the album with ‘(Dis)Connected’, which is a rager from start to finish. Even with the tinkling pianos and clean vocals, there is nothing complicated about it. It’s there to make you bang your head and scream along, and we can all get on board with that.

Despite all that, this isn’t a perfect album, and there are moments where Betraying The Martyrs lose their way. ‘Take Me Back’ opens like a pop song and it gives you a glimpse into their biggest fault. The band that covered ‘Let It Go’ are still in there and when they come out, it all gets a bit cheesy. They don’t seem to have enough faith in their heavy stuff, and they fall back on the melodic far too often.

If you want your metal to be 100% metal than Betraying The Martyrs probably aren’t for you. There isn’t a song on The Resilient that doesn’t delve into the clean, and there is ambition pouring off of every note. If you can look past that, this is a really fun release. The riffs hit hard, and the choruses make you want to sing along, what more can you ask for?

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