Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms

Bursting with punk rock exuberance and gothic theatricality Creeper’s rise over the last few years has been fascinating to watch. From disappearances to Peter Pan inspired tales they’ve found a way to grab the attention of an already fervent fanbase despite not having a full-length album to their name. Which is where the problem comes in. Will all that work fall apart if Eternity, In Your Arms isn’t good enough?

It might have done, but we’ll never know. For not only is Eternity, In Your Arms good but it’s worth every second of the hype. Opening up with the already familiar ‘Black Rain’ it dives into a run of eleven tracks that never once seems to waver even as it veers from the hardcore-tinged ‘Poison Pens’ to the emotionally fraught ‘Crickets’. If there was any doubt in your mind that Creeper were the real deal, then this will blow it away.

The star is undeniably Will Gould, a Bowie-esque figure of mystery in real life he loses nothing on record. There is a swagger to his voice that makes already hook-laden songs even more memorable. The way he delivers lines like ‘I’ve been dead for years’ on ‘Darling’ is surely set to be iconic, and the man is a rock star in waiting.

To purely put Creeper’s success down to Gould’s Burton tinged imagery is unfair, though. This is a band firing on all cylinders, and it’s Hannah Hermoine who truly steals the show on ‘Crickets’. An almost country track it turns off the theatricality and strips it back to an acoustic guitar and her voice and is quite frankly astonishing. She manages to be both powerful and fragile at the same time, and it’s a moment that will leave you with your jaw on the floor.

And you’re still only scratching the surface of what makes this album work. For the simplest thing to say is that Creeper gets it. This music is over the top and bombastic, but it’s also personal and real. It’s as likely to make you burst into tears as it is to make you dance. After one listen you are in its thrall, and after ten you’re completely in love. They blend this twisted world of fantasy with real life and at a time when the world fucks itself up more everyday diving into their escapism is the perfect way to deal with it.

We could wax lyrical about nearly every song on this album. ‘Down Below’ is massive while closer ‘Live Forever’ is a fist in the air moment of pure joy. It also doesn’t matter how many times I listen to ‘Suzanne’ and ‘Misery’ they still hit me like they did the first. This is an album that doesn’t just put Creeper on the map but scrawls the Callous Heart all over it. The most exciting part? It’s only the beginning.

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