6 Observations From Ring Of Honor Supercard Of Honor XI

Ring of Honor or a fruity soft drink? Who knows.

As we approach the end of my week of wrestling coverage, it’s time to delve into the indies. Let’s start with Ring of Honor, a company going through a bit of a tough time. Every week someone new appears to leap from this shipping sink and this show – which had the company’s biggest ever gate – needed to be good. It needed to remind people that when you want wrestling excellence, you go to ROH.

The Villian Impresses

I can’t find shots from the event itself, sadly.

Marty Scurll is adding to his already impressive reputation in the UK by taking the US by storm. Scurll isn’t necessarily a flashy wrestler but he is a brilliant performer, and this was a perfect example of that. The match told a good story with each man trying to outsmart the other, and even the tombstone botch was covered up with some clever work from the commentary team. Adam Cole has never clicked with me, but this was one of his better matches, and the Villian has to take some of the credit for that.

Rhodes Does Alright

They might exist, but ROH’s website is shit.

I don’t get Cody Rhodes. He’s a solid wrestler who has been treated like a superstar since he hit the indies. I don’t begrudge him it because he seems like a good guy, but he wouldn’t be my first choice. Despite that, this was a good match. He and Lethal went out and brawled, and unlike most brawls, it wasn’t dull. I’m not convinced about him going after the World Title, but if we get some more of this Cody, he could win me over yet.

Flippy Shit Is Far From Shit

These generics photos are exciting, though!

I could watch Will Ospreay work every day of the week. I could watch Dragon Lee work every day of the week. I could watch Volador Jr. work every day of the week. Do you spot the theme? This was fantastic. I know there are people out there who don’t enjoy this stuff, but I am forced to conclude that they are broken inside. Was it occasionally a bit sloppy? Yes, and Jay White was probably lucky to survive the finish, but it didn’t stop it being fantastically good fun, and I will be watching it again. And again. And again…

Too Many Popular Wrestlers

They all look so happy.

I am ridiculously happy that Chris Daniels is ROH Champ. Few men deserve it more, and the guy has had an incredible career. However, in this match, Adam Cole would have been the better choice. Castle and Daniels are both hot right now, and the fans didn’t know who to cheer for so instead sat on their hands. It meant we were left with a solid match that never managed to feel special. It was missing the sparkle that a hot crowd brings. For those who question whether we need heels and faces in modern day wrestling, watch this and see what you think.

The Hardys And The Bucks Steal The Weekend

Or crazed in Matt’s case.

This match had must see stamped across its forehead the second it was booked, and it lived up to the billing. This might sound strange, but The Hardys are often underrated in how good they are at ladder matches. It’s not just the jumping off tall shit that does it. It’s the way they set them out. This match never once faltered, and it was a true ‘can’t take your eyes off the screen experience.’ Of course, The Bucks of Youth were more than just bystanders, and they continue to be the most entertaining tag-team in the world. I’m sad that the Hardys going to WWE means we won’t see this again but delighted that we got to see it at least once.

The Shows Succeeded… Just

Do you think he goes by Punishment backstage?

This was a really good wrestling show. The opening match, the flippy match and the ladder match were all four star plus while the World Title, Six Man Title and Bull Rope match were around the three mark. However, there was still a lot of filler. The triple-threat tag match and the Bobby Fish and Silas Young angle felt like the kind of thing you throw out on a slow TV week, and I’m still not convinced at the slightly more athletic Baron Corbin, Punishment Martinez. Despite that, this was a nice reminder that ROH can go but also cemented that they’ve got work to do before they return to their former glories.

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