Heck are – and soon will have been – a special band. A band that made rock and roll exciting and dangerous. Seeing them live was like dancing along the edge of a cliff in the rain. There was always the chance they could slip, but while they balanced there, it was the most thrilling thing in the world.

It wasn’t only in the live environment that they shone, though, with their debut album Instructions proving they could do it on record too. It’s a blistering listen but what made it extraordinary was the hint of what could come. The sixteen-minute long ‘See The Old Lady…’ had more ideas in its running time than most bands have in a career. It ducked and dived and lived on the very edge of descending into chaos but, much like their live performances, it clung together to create beautiful and perfect noise.

All of this is why the news that they are breaking up is fucking shit. I don’t know what led to this decision and most likely it is 100% justified, but as a fan and a lover of extreme music, the death of a band like Heck just isn’t fair. We live in a world where homogenised drivel is the order of the day and they actively fought against it. They were never going to be huge – and maybe that is part of the problem – but they were important and they would have inspired a thousand other bands to take those risks.

If you never got to see Heck live, then you should be trying to sell off limbs to get to that final show. If you’ve never listened to them, then I’m jealous that you’re about to discover that wonderful abrasive noise but sad that you’ve done so at the end. Heck were one of a kind and I’m sad to see them go.

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