Get The Shot – Infinite Punishment

Hardcore is a simple genre. I love it, but it’s true, and its punk roots are still strong in that regard. However, even simplicity can be tinkered with and over the last few years, there has been an influx of bands who use hardcore as a base. A base from which they can branch out into other genres. A big part of this is melding hardcore with its metallic brothers but not in the vein of the million identikit metalcore bands that roam the planet. Instead, these are actual hardcore bands with actual metal influences.

All of which leads us to Canada’s own, Get The Shot, and their third album, Infinite Punishment. This is hardcore, but it’s hardcore with a seam of thrash running through the middle. Straight from the opening of ‘Purgation’, they blend beatdowns with big chunky metal riffs that come straight out of the handbook of those thrash icons we know and love. Tracks like ‘Profaner’ are as likely to please the metalhead in your life as they are the hardcore kid.

It also makes for one hell of an album. Infinite Punishment is a blast to listen to as it charges along headbutting everything that gets in its way. After the creepy intro of ‘Purgation’ with its distant screams ‘Faith Reaper’ comes flying out of the traps as vocalist J-P yelps ‘you’re fucking dead to me’. His almost shrieky voice is regularly backed up by gang vocals on the likes of ‘Hellbringer’ meaning there is more than one occasion where a live crowd could chant along.

In fact, this whole album feels like it would only get better in the live environment. The big galloping riffs combined with punishing beatdowns should send any room insane while they have a Hatebreed like ear for a catchy slogan to scream along with. Tracks like ‘Blackened Sun’ could level buildings while the short instrumental trudge of ‘Demon Stomp’ will have everyone banging their heads. Even when they slow things down with closer ‘Den Of Torments’, the Sabbath inspired sound means you might stop throwing yourself into the wall, but you certainly won’t have stopped moving.

Infinite Punishment is one of those albums that brings you to life. You can’t turn it on without wanting to clamber to your feet and move. It’s an album that makes you understand hardcore dancing and that desire to lash out at the world. If you have even the slightest interest in hardcore or thrash then Get The Shot are a band that you need in your life.

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