A Slight Change

I wanted to drop a quick note to mention that most of my reviews will now be appearing on a new collaborative project called Marshmallow Bomb. I’m sure I will still use Ramblings About Wrestling occasionally, I’ve put too much effort into it to ditch it completely, but the frequency of posts will probably drop substantially. If you are one of the people who actively seek my writing out, thank you, and you can go over and subscribe to Marshmallow Bomb here: https://marshmallowbomb.substack.com and follow it on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/BombMarshmallow. That way, you’ll get access to both my work and that of people substantially more talented than me.

As I say, this isn’t the end of Ramblings About, just a change, but it still feels like a good time to say thank you to anyone who has read anything I’ve written over the last few years. It is a constant source of bafflement to me that anyone gives a shit what I think, but it does make me feel nice.

If you enjoyed my ramblings, please consider contributing to my Ko-fi. Even the smallest amount is appreciated.

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