Wilson w/ Reigning Days, Donnie Willow and Twin Heart

If you are looking for good time rock and roll, then you can’t get much better than Wilson.  So a Friday night gig in Glasgow playing in what essentially amounts to being a basement seems like a guarantee for a good time.

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Bring Me the Horizon w/ Neck Deep and PVRIS, Edinburgh Corn Exchange

The first time I saw Bring Me the Horizon they were supporting Machine Head and were treated with something just a bit short of disdain.  Yet those snotty punks gave as good as they got and that got my attention.  In the years since a lot has changed and as they walked onto stage at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange it was clear that this crowd adores them.

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Brand New at the Usher Hall

If you took a second to look around the crowd before Brand New took the stage at the Usher Hall, you would see an interesting sight.  The room is filled with all the usual suspects, but they’re all the usual suspects from a variety of different gigs.  There are people wearing Nails t-shirts and others wearing lumberjack shirts.  It’s a veritable mish-mash of musical ideas.  All here to see one alternative rock band from Long Island, New York.

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Welcome to the PHUQing future

There’s a certain frustration to watching The Wildhearts.  Not because of the band themselves, but because of what should have been.  That blend of Metallica‘s riffs and Cheap Trick‘s hooks could have been the biggest thing to come out of the UK in the 90’s.  Christ, I’ve lost count of the number of bands that have borrowed/stolen from them.  And yet, record company uselessness and personal implosions meant that the best alternative rock band we have, never quite reached their potential.

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Live Review: Foo Fighters w/Royal Blood and Honeyblood

Stadium shows are weird.  They feel more like a festival than a gig and the abundance of bars and food trucks that surround Murrayfield just enhance that feeling.  The truth is that while they allow many to see their favourite bands, they are rarely (if ever) going to be better than stuffing yourself into some sweatbox venue and being within spitting range of your heroes.  Yet, there are some bands that just feel at home in that environment.   AC/DC are one and The Foo Fighters are another.

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Faith No More w/ The Pop Group

Heavy metal is generally not seen as a smooth or classy genre.  There’s a lot of grunting, screaming and throwing your body into people.  Yet when Faith No More stroll onto the stage of the O2 Academy dressed all in white and surrounded by flowers, there is definitely an air of sophistication to proceedings.  It’s hard to imagine that just the night before this band was playing in front of the muddy denizens of Download festival.  They are far too clean.

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Camden Rocks 2015

Camden has long been a musical hot spot.  Whether it’s Britpop or punk rock, it’s been key to more than one musical revolution.  So a one day festival encompassing a whole host of venues makes perfect sense.  Enter Camden Rocks, which features over two hundred bands, ranging from Bullet for My Valentine to competition winners.  There was also beer, oh so much beer.

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Live Review: While She Sleeps and Cancer Bats w/ Hundreth and Oathbreaker

The ABC is crowded with an unusual audience as While She Sleeps and Cancer Bats roll into town.  There’s the heavy metal fans, the ones I recognise from countless gigs in Glasgow and will see at countless more.  There’s the scene kids, who travels in packs and who I may well have seen before, but blend into one giant blob of baseball caps and shorts.  Then there’s the new folk, the people who look slightly out-of-place and aren’t really into heavy metal.  However, they have come out tonight because bands like While She Sleeps are getting big and it is awesome to see.

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Live Review: Bleed from Within w/ Excellent Cadaver, Perpetua and Exile the Traitor

Bleed From Within are pretty much the top of the food chain when it comes to Scottish metal.  Therefore, their pre-tour show at Edinburgh’s Opium, a venue far too small for the band, should be packed to the rafters.  Sadly, Edinburgh once again fails to deliver and despite it being a Friday night the crowd is noticeably thinned out at the edges.  Thankfully, they don’t seem to let it bother them.

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