Creeper w/ Grader and Rainfalls

The buzz around Creeper seems to be real and after the release of their most recent EP, they have taken to the road for their first UK headline tour.  Which rather nicely for those of us who live there, strolled into Edinburgh to play The Mash House.

Kicking things off are Rainfalls, a melodic hardcore band who have made their way through from Glasgow tonight and deliver a tight set.  They battle through their bass players strap snapping and he ends up playing their final song with his instrument essentially lying on the floor.  Meanwhile, lead singer Gary Gordon makes sure the crowd remember him by losing his top and heading into the crowd.  This is good music and an exciting way to get things started.

Talking about good music, Grader are up next and deliver another brilliant set.  The Aberdeen bands emotional hardcore stands out and their lead singer’s intense delivery makes it hard to take your eyes off them.  Most importantly, though, they seem to have songs.  In just a quick support slot there were a few moments where you find yourself itching to sing along even if you don’t know the words and that’s half the battle won.

Talking about songs, it is incredible just how many of them Creeper have.  Particularly when you consider that they don’t even have a full-length album out yet, but when nearly everything you’ve written is gold I guess that doesn’t matter.  Kicking things off with ‘VCR’ things just get better and better from there.  Will Gould already looks like a rockstar and the Bowie influences are obvious.  Particularly on set closer ‘Henley’s Ghost’, which he leads the crowd through like an old pro.

The real highlight though is ‘Misery’ which despite coming out less than a week ago already feels like a classic.  It’s an emotionally fraught song that even in this little room feels like it could fill stadiums.  Which kind of sums up the night.  It’s a night of great music in a tiny venue where it probably isn’t going to be for long.  All three of the bands deliver and it’s hard not to come out of there feeling better about the world.  Great music, it just doesn’t get better than that does it?

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