ICW Fight Club 71 Review

After dipping back into ICW last week, I figured why not keep going? Fight Club 71 was filmed in my home city of Edinburgh, but I was on holiday, so I missed it. Thankfully, the internet provides and with a main event involving Chris Renfrew and Mikey Whiplash doing all sorts of horrible things to each other, this was always going to be worth a watch. Let’s dish out those stars.

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Ring Of Honor – War Of The Worlds Tour, Edinburgh (20/8/17)

There are no pictures. Sorry. Credit: ROH

Living in Edinburgh as a lover of music and wrestling you have two choices. Never see anything live or spend a lot of time on a train to Glasgow. While Discovery is starting to change the wrestling part of that statement, it’s still exciting when one of the big boys turns up in our city rather than the ugly bastards’ one over there. We appreciate it more (plus the Weegies are perfectly capable of taking a train too). It’s particularly lovely when they turn up with a selection of NJPW, CMLL and Rev Pro wrestlers in tow. So how did a rare visit to Edinburgh’s capital go for ROH?

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Kamikaze Girls and Nervus w/Goodbye Blue Monday

Edinburgh on a Wednesday night can be a tough place to play a gig. Always a harder city to pull a crowd in than Glasgow getting anyone through the doors of Bannerman’s should be considered a success. When you’re selling a bill of emotionally switched on indie punk bands, it should be seen as a God damn triumph. This particular Wednesday night was nowhere near a sellout, but there was a healthy crowd for the double bill of Nervus and Kamikaze Girls.

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Bring Me the Horizon w/ Neck Deep and PVRIS, Edinburgh Corn Exchange

The first time I saw Bring Me the Horizon they were supporting Machine Head and were treated with something just a bit short of disdain.  Yet those snotty punks gave as good as they got and that got my attention.  In the years since a lot has changed and as they walked onto stage at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange it was clear that this crowd adores them.

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Brand New at the Usher Hall

If you took a second to look around the crowd before Brand New took the stage at the Usher Hall, you would see an interesting sight.  The room is filled with all the usual suspects, but they’re all the usual suspects from a variety of different gigs.  There are people wearing Nails t-shirts and others wearing lumberjack shirts.  It’s a veritable mish-mash of musical ideas.  All here to see one alternative rock band from Long Island, New York.

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Live Review: Bleed from Within w/ Excellent Cadaver, Perpetua and Exile the Traitor

Bleed From Within are pretty much the top of the food chain when it comes to Scottish metal.  Therefore, their pre-tour show at Edinburgh’s Opium, a venue far too small for the band, should be packed to the rafters.  Sadly, Edinburgh once again fails to deliver and despite it being a Friday night the crowd is noticeably thinned out at the edges.  Thankfully, they don’t seem to let it bother them.

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Live Review: Mariachi El Bronx w/ Pounded By The Surf

Now that’s hardcore

Usually when The Bronx come to town, they leave a trail of destruction in their wake.  Upturned tables and a crowd with a look that sits somewhere between confusion and ecstasy are their stock in trade.  However, every now and then they leave that insanity behind.  They don the Mariachi gear and choose instead to serenade us, with tales of love, life and all those other lovely things.

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