ICW Fight Club 71 Review

After dipping back into ICW last week, I figured why not keep going? Fight Club 71 was filmed in my home city of Edinburgh, but I was on holiday, so I missed it. Thankfully, the internet provides and with a main event involving Chris Renfrew and Mikey Whiplash doing all sorts of horrible things to each other, this was always going to be worth a watch. Let’s dish out those stars.

BT Gunn defeated Kid Fite to retain the Zero-G Title

Small complaint to kick us off. If you’re selling BT Gunn and the Zero-G title as being on the same level as Joe Coffey and the World Title, why is he consistently opening the show? This is the second week in a row he’s defended the belt in the first match. If it’s that important, surely it should be in the main event?

That aside, this was an uneventful but alright match. Kid Fite is a good heel and has no qualms about going out there and playing the bellend. I’m not sure if I’d have had him control the match as much as he did. However, it sells Gunn as someone who can take a beating and then steal a win out of nowhere. A talent which he might have some use for at Fear & Loathing.

Verdict: Two And A Half Stars

Kenny Williams defeated Jordan Devlin

Damn, Kenny Williams has come on leaps and bounds since the last time I saw him. He’s always been good, but this was the smoothest performance I’ve ever seen from him.

It probably helped that he was in there with Devlin who for the second week in a row had an impressive showing. This time he amped up the aggression and seemed to be showing hints of a heel turn. The commentary team were playing up him not being on the card for the Hydro which would be decent motivation for said turn.

As far as ‘television’ matches go, this was a great one, and it was a nice win for Kenny heading into his showdown with Mysterio.

Verdict: Three Stars

Wolfgang defeated Stevie Boy

This was always going to be shenanigan heavy, so why did it take so long for The Purge to figure out that it might be worth getting out there?

The action was okay – and while you won’t remember it in a week – perfectly enjoyable when it was on. Stevie and Wolfgang have decent chemistry and Wolfie chucking folk about is always fun. I’d like to see what they could do with a bit of time and a proper one on one match with none of the shenanigans.

Verdict: Two And A Half Stars

Liam Thomson cut a cracking promo after that. It’s a shame that there were a couple of bellends in the crowd who couldn’t figure out that sometimes fans need to shut up. I get that British wrestling has built itself on rowdy participation, but the fans aren’t the entertainment.

Annoying fans aside, this was a good segment. It set up a future Liam Thomson Joe Hendry feud (that already feels hot) and continued DCT vs Hendry. It’s a shame it had to end with fucking Bram.

Bram defeated Jody Fleisch

I’ve no interest in talking about Bram. I can take the occasional shitty wrestler. I draw the line at shitty bellends.

Verdict: Fuck Bram

Chris Renfrew defeated Mikey Whiplash in a Deathmatch

In a company where there are no rules, what is the point of a deathmatch? Does it make a difference?

Pedantry aside, you can probably guess what this was like. Death or not Renfrew and Whiplash tend to like things violent, and by the end of this both of them were covered in blood and impaled by thumbtacks. If you love it or hate it will entirely come down to your thoughts on that style of wrestling. For me, it was crazy enough to shock, but not crazy enough to put me off, so I had fun.

I do question the booking of it, however. Having Renfrew go over here was a feel-good moment (or at least as feel-good as anything involving barbed wire and piledrivers onto barricades can be) and it felt a bit too easy. Chris has only just come out from Whiplash’s spell and is already booked to be involved in the same match at Fear & Loathing. It surely would have made sense to have Whiplash go over here – perhaps with some masked assistance – and then have Renfrew get the win further down the road?

Verdict: Three Stars

Post-match, The Filthy Generation hit the ring and beat down both men. Stevie Boy then grabbed the mic and confirmed he’ll be part of The King of Insanity match at the Hydro.

Overall Show

Minus the bearded piece of shit, this was a decent show. It’s a shame that ICW seems to be relying on cheap (if entertaining) TV tactics to sell the Hydro when the product is in an alright place. Now if only they’d ditch the prick and focus on decent wrestlers.

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