The King Blues – Off With Their Heads

The King Blues were never the biggest band on the planet, but they used to feel important.  Lead singer Itch was a man with opinions and even if you didn’t  necessarily agree with them all, his ability to deliver lyrics in a way that made them seem important, brought a lot of issues to people who might otherwise have never thought about them.  When they went their separate ways, it felt like a loss and their return should be a celebration.  It is a shame then that Off With Their Heads feels like nothing of the sort.

Now don’t get me wrong, Itch can still say those words in a way that is better than most and on ‘Off With Their Heads’ he instantly makes you sit up and pay attention.  The problem is that the track itself never really gets going and from there on in everything just feels a bit safe.  ‘Starting Fires’ is a toned down version of what this band has done before and honestly verges on the generic.  While I challenge you to go and show someone this EP’s cover and then play them ‘Words’ and ask them if they think its the same band.  I bet they say no.

All of that makes this a horribly frustrating piece of music.  It feels like a band that may have come back together but aren’t together in the proper sense.  Their music is disjointed and quite frankly bland.  They try and recapture that magic on ‘Pure Fucking Love’ and ‘Taxi Driver’, but it just doesn’t work.  The King Blues should be the band who makes you want to go and spit in the eye of the man.  Off With Their Heads is more likely to inspire you to listen to something else.

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