Xibalba – Diablo, Con Amor.. Adios

Xibalba is the name of the K’iche’ Maya underworld and apparently has a nice river of scorpions flowing nearby. I don’t actually know if a river of scorpions would flow, it would maybe be more of a scuttle. It’s also the name of a Californian hardcore band who have just released their EP, Diablo, Con Amor.. Adios. A name that pretty much covers all the bases seeing as it is literally the titles of the three tracks on it.

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Toy Mountains – I Swore I’d Never Speak Of This Again

The light and the dark. It sounds like a cliche, but the truth is that most music relies on the contrast between the two. Black Sabbath might never have stood out if they hadn’t been darker than anything that came before and current music is dominated by bands that have never even stepped foot into their own shadow. A real challenge, though, is to straddle the line between them. A challenge that Toy Mountains have taken on.

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Prophets of Rage – The Party’s Over

The idea of Prophets of Rage has never sat comfortably with me. The idea of a bunch of old men trying to come back and be the voice of a generation – even if they may have some good points – strikes that cynical bone in my body. However, if you remove the politics a band should be judged on their music, and we now have their first EP, The Party’s Over. With two original tracks and three covers, it should be an insight into exactly what the Prophets of Rage are.

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Puppy – Vol. II

Every year you will be told that such and such a band sounds like nothing you have ever heard before. Now and then that’s true, I mean I genuinely can’t think of many groups that sound like Babymetal. However, more often than not it’s rubbish. They might sound like two bands you’ve heard before smushed together, but the influences are still there. But while I am not going to tell you that you have never heard anything like Puppy before, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you haven’t heard much like it.

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The King Blues – Off With Their Heads

The King Blues were never the biggest band on the planet, but they used to feel important.  Lead singer Itch was a man with opinions and even if you didn’t  necessarily agree with them all, his ability to deliver lyrics in a way that made them seem important, brought a lot of issues to people who might otherwise have never thought about them.  When they went their separate ways, it felt like a loss and their return should be a celebration.  It is a shame then that Off With Their Heads feels like nothing of the sort.

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MG & The Juggernaut

Before kicking off this review, I should perhaps throw in the disclaimer that I discovered MG & The Juggernaut due to Simon Miller’s other job as a truth knowing games journalist.  I’m a big fan of what he does at VideoGamer and I am a supporter of their Patreon.  Of course, that makes no difference to my opinion on the EP and I’m more likely to be swayed by the fact he’s a big dude who could easily kick my arse if I ever met him.

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Adrenaline Mob – Dearly Departed

Adrenaline Mob came into everyone’s consciousness when they became one of the many bands Mike Portnoy threw himself into after he left Dream Theater.  Joined by Russell Allen (Symphony X), Mike Orlando and the likes of Rich Ward, they looked like a pretty cool supergroup.  However, slowly members have left.  Portnoy realised he didn’t have enough time to be in 100 bands.  Ward’s focus has narrowed in on Fozzy and the band has morphed into his current line up, which features Allen, Orlando, A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister) and Erik Leonhardt.  The changes led to second album Men Of Honor which it has to be said was met with a resounding meh.  So are Adrenaline Mob a band that we should be wasting out time on in 2015.

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