MG & The Juggernaut

Before kicking off this review, I should perhaps throw in the disclaimer that I discovered MG & The Juggernaut due to Simon Miller’s other job as a truth knowing games journalist.  I’m a big fan of what he does at VideoGamer and I am a supporter of their Patreon.  Of course, that makes no difference to my opinion on the EP and I’m more likely to be swayed by the fact he’s a big dude who could easily kick my arse if I ever met him.

Hopefully that won’t be necessary.  As MG & The Juggernaut are pretty damn good.  Their atmospheric rock draws from bands like Tool and Metallica but puts enough of its own spin on it to ensure it’s worthy of a listen in its own right.

‘Kaiju’ kicks things off and bears an aural resemblance to its Japenese inspired name as its moody feel doesn’t stop it sounding huge.  It has a weight which is often lacking in music released by bands of this size and it makes MG & the Juggernaut instantly stand out in a way that many of their peers fail to do.

‘Sorry’ follows on, starting off stripped back compared to ‘Kaiju’.  However over the course of its four and a half minute running time it builds and builds with its big chugging riff before transforming into a nice hard rock track.  That moody atmosphere is still prevalent, but Miller’s clean vocals work nicely when melded to this style.

Storm’s highlight comes on the final track, ‘The Leveller’, an instrumental it dips and dives throughout.  Switching up its pace and mellowing out a bit in the middle.  The only lyrics are a repeated refrain of ‘why don’t you bring me down’, delivered with a snarl by Miller.  It is a brave move to finish off an EP with a non-traditional track but it is one that works.  MG & The Juggernaut sound big and they sound heavy and it leaves things on a high note.

Storm is a nice look into the talents of MG & The Juggernaut.  While it still feels a little bit raw, it’s a natural progression from their last EP Tool and they are a band who are obviously willing to play with the formula.  Despite that tinkering, they do seem to be developing their own sound and if they can get that nailed down, you will want to keep an eye on them.

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