Telling a story is always hard.  Sometimes you need a million words, lovingly crafted into a tale of beauty.  Then again, sometimes you just need eight minutes worth of punk rock.

Gnarwolves latest EP, Adolescence, is exactly that.  Four tracks coming in at around 8 minutes, it is in and out before you have had time to think.  It leaves you grasping for more and that is pretty much perfect.

Kicking things off is ‘The Waiting Line’, which packs a lot into its 2 minutes and nineteen seconds.  A short melodic section cuts up the fast paced punk rock that is its bread and butter before an almost metal riff sees it out.  It sets the scene for a band not afraid to fuck with the rules.   ‘Daydreamer’ has more of a ramshackle DIY punk feel to it as it bounces along.  It is a proper old fashioned sing-along and makes you want to raise a beer to the sky.

Up next is ‘Blondie’ which could be classified as the slow one.  It again has that ramshackle feel that is so hard to pull off.  There is a talent to making something sound this thrown together without it turning out shit and Gnarwolves have that.  A simple acoustic track the vocals verge on the fragile before it slips seamlessly into ‘Bad Dreams’ where they are delivered with a real snarl.  The contrast between the two tracks elevate them both and it is a great two punch to finish off the EP.

Gnarwolves are good and if you have never given them a look Adolescence is as good a place to start as any.  They released their debut album last year and if they can keep producing material as good as this, then this is a story that will be well worth keeping up with.

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