Periphery – Clear

Periphery are one of the many bands that have been chucked into the so called djent scene, despite that being only a tiny part of what they offer.  Their latest EP Clear has seen each member of the band compose a track, which has led to a Periphery EP that may not sound like you expected.

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Bastions – Bedfellows: The Bastard Son

British hardcore gang Bastions are two albums into their career and appear to provide something different from the gang of Gallows inspired bands currently on the market.  Rather than being obsessed with being fast and brutal, this is a group that infuse their hardcore with emotion, in a style that is very similar to the likes of Touche Amore (although featuring less melody) and Converge.  Their latest release is an EP by the name of Bedfellows: The Bastard Son.

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