Dripback – Inhaling the Ashes

Opening by roaring “come on you cunts” is a great way to get anyone’s attention, following that up with a collection of six angry angry songs is a good way to make sure people stick around .  That’s exactly what Dripback do on their EP, Inhaling the Ashes.

Coming out ahead of their debut album, Failed Futures, this is an EP that is obviously intended to grab your attention before the real deal.  As first track proper (the “come on you cunts” number is a 32 second long intro) “Kick Out Time” comes in with a primal scream you can’t help feel that you may have offended the band, who’s members have previously played in bands like Labrat and Ted Maul, at some point, because they sound pissed.  It’s a wonderful face punching blend of hardcore, thrash, grind and even some black metal when it gets all slowed down and heavy on the likes of “Dilapidated Soul”.  It’s also fucking good fun.

You see this is a proper British hardcore album.  On their Facebook page Dripback say they’re from Landan Fackin Taan and if you can’t figure that out just by listening to this then you’re not trying.  Even just the random shouts of “your fucked” in the aforementioned “Kick Out Time” are beautifully British.

Inhaling the Ashes is just a great head banging, angry piece of music that makes you want to fuck shit up and head butt walls.  If that doesn’t sound good to you I probably can’t help you.


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