Download Announcement… I’ve lost count on how many it is.

Image courtesy of Download

Image courtesy of Download

As I’m an equal opportunities festival man, I shall be continuing to talk about the Download line-up.  It’s currently much more fleshed out than the Soni line-up and yesterday we got a nice bumper batch of bands to add to an already very strong group, even if I still think the headliners are pretty weak.  So here’s my round up of what I think.

Bowling for Soup are pish, they really are.  I don’t care if you liked that one song the did back whenever, they are a bad band and the very worst of what pop punk has to offer.  Opeth on the other hand are one of the best examples of their genre, although recent years have seen them taking sound interesting moves with their sound.  The move towards a more prog rock sound may actually make their festival sets more interesting, as my one experience of seeing them in that kind of atmosphere in the past was just a bit gloomy.

Zakk Wylde is a legend and Black Label Society returning is never going to be a bad thing.  Judging by Download 2012 however, someone needs to inform Zakk that a 10 minute solo in a 30 minute set is really pushing it too far.  A band you’re unlikely to get a 10 minute solo from is Bad Religion, who are a much better example of pop punk than those previously mentioned.  I still wouldn’t call myself a big, fan but these guys will be good fun for those attending.

A man who will always receive a heroes reaction when he graces the Donnington stage is Mr. Phillip H. Anselmo and a live performance with his band The Illegals is definitely the most interesting part of this announcement.  The album these guys put out last year was one of the angriest pieces of work I’ve heard in a while and it will be interesting to see Phil prowl the stage in front of yet another great band.

Skid Row are getting old but when you’ve got the back catalogue they do you have to really fuck up to prevent people having a good time.  While Huntress seem to be riding a wave to the top, although I have to admit I didn’t love their second album and don’t think they’ve quite yet lived up to the hype.  However, these guys are still likely to draw a good crowd and Jill Janus can definitely sing.

Bury Tomorrow are one of the best young British bands around and if they bring the form they have at the last two live shows I’ve caught of there’s there is nothing that will stop them destroying yet another patch of hallowed turf at Donnington.  I have to admit I’ve never actually listened to Flogging Molly and the same goes for The BossHossTeslaDanger Danger, Powerman 5000The Graveltones and Anti-Mortem.  However, I have put links to pages where you can go and find out about them yourselves!

So this isn’t the best Download announcement and probably the weakest festival announcement yet.  However, that’s a good sign of how good things have been going for next summer so far as there are still some cracking bands on this list.  Hope those that have got tickets so far enjoy!


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