Periphery – Clear

Periphery are one of the many bands that have been chucked into the so called djent scene, despite that being only a tiny part of what they offer.  Their latest EP Clear has seen each member of the band compose a track, which has led to a Periphery EP that may not sound like you expected.

Opener “Overture” is the only track written by the entire band and as a short piano led instrumental it is supposed to represent the various different tracks on the rest of the EP.  Either way, it’s a short interesting start to the album that will hook most fans.  Following on from that “The Summer Jam”, the product of guitarist Jake Bowen, comes crashing in and bares a passing resemblance to bands like Coheed and Cambria.  It’s a strong start and is the initial suggestion that these guys are as talented individually as they are together.

Straight out of this comes the real curve ball on this album as drummer Matt Halpern’s “Feed the Ground” hits in and very quickly becomes a full throttle rocker complete with a hook filled chorus and some fast paced drumming from the man himself.  It’s a left turn from a band so famed for their technical ability, but it’s also a great track that suggests if they ever wanted to go down a more rock and roll route they wouldn’t struggle.

After this unusual ground “Zero” sweeps us back into more familiar territory as a riff filled instrumental that was put together by guitarist/programmer Misha Mansoor and twists and turns it’s way through the down tuned riffs that are Periphery’s bread and butter.  From there Spencer Soleto leads us through his very Nine Inch Nails esque “The Parade of Ashes”, which has a big bounce along chorus that feels made for the live environment, before being another complicated and intoxicating instrumental, this time courtesy of Adam Netgood’s “Extraneous” before we close with  Mark Holcomb’s “Pale Aura” the most straight up ‘djent’ track (if the phrase must be used) that see’s us out on a high note.

This is a fantastic EP that despite the way it was put together manages to be a complete and interesting piece of work.  Every track bring something slightly different to the table and the technical mastery that Periphery have over their instruments and the sounds they create is second to none.  If you are at all into this band, and even if you are not, this is something that you should be checking out.

For Fans Of: Nine Inch Nails, TesseracT

Choice Cuts: Feed The Ground, The Parade of Ashes


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