A defence of heavy metal

So for some reason today Blabbermouth decided to run this story.  Now I should make it clear before this descends into a rant, which trust me it probably will, what happened at Fort Hood is obviously a tragedy and nothing I say is at all designed to take away from that.  If you think you are likely to be offended by any point I will make past the see more line below just don’t bother reading.

With that out the way I have to ask the question why?  Why is the fact this man was a fan of Slipknot still being considered something that should make headlines.  If they’d walked into his room and found a Coldplay CD would anyone have picked up on it?  Of course they wouldn’t.  No one who listens to Coldplay murders people do they?

Except they do!  And it feels ridiculous that in 2014 the heavy metal community still has to defend itself from these kind of articles.  Yes metal is an aggressive genre of music and to the untrained ear Slipknot are also a very aggressive band, but here’s a secret kids.  Compared to the other music out there Slipknot, they ain’t that scary.  I’ve been too a lot of heavy metal gigs, they often include big burly men singing angry music at other groups of big burly men and yes there can be aggression and violence in them.  Anyone who’s been caught in the mosh know’s that, but here’s the thing, most of the people in that room get all their anger, all their aggression out in that space in front of the stage, where you are allowed to throw yourself into the guy standing next to you.  They leave the gig happy and content having let out all that pent up frustration that has built up due to their cunt of a boss and the cunts in the media who love to paint the music they love as being responsible for the murder of others.

If you stood outside a heavy metal gig tomorrow night and asked every person walking in how heavy metal affects their life, a high proportion would tell you it is their life.  It’s what makes them who they are.  It’s a massive cliché to claim that it’s not just a genre of music but a lifestyle, but it’s true and here’s the next big secret kids.  Those big scary guys covered in tattoos?  Most of them are the nicest, kindest people you will ever meet.  They are the guys that when you go down in the pit pick you up.  They’re the guys you stand at the bar with after the gig.  They’re the guys who just happen to love a genre of music.  Every group in society has it’s bad eggs.  Whether that be pop fans, metal fans or lawyers.  Yet for some reason when a lawyer goes rogue and kills his colleagues it’s never down to the legal text he read the night before, so please stop making that the case when it comes to heavy metal.

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