Live Review: Creeper and letlive.

It takes balls to bring one good band out on tour with you. Having two extraordinary groups tag along, well that might be mental. Which means that no matter what my personal opinion towards Pierce The Veil is – they’re not for me – you’ve got to respect them for taking Creeper and letlive. on the road with them. I mean they never stood a chance, but fair play all the same.

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WrestleMania Weekend Part 3: Barramania


WrestleMania weekend long ago leapt passed being a time for just WWE fans to get excited. Wrestling companies all over the world attempt to grab a hold of the buzz that ‘Mania brings by putting on shows of their own. Hence why, just a few hours before WrestleMania itself, I headed through to Glasgow to catch ICW’s effort: Barramania 2.

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