Live Review: Creeper and letlive.

It takes balls to bring one good band out on tour with you. Having two extraordinary groups tag along, well that might be mental. Which means that no matter what my personal opinion towards Pierce The Veil is – they’re not for me – you’ve got to respect them for taking Creeper and letlive. on the road with them. I mean they never stood a chance, but fair play all the same.

They may not have an album out yet, but Creeper are already a name. Not a name big enough to have the entire Barrowlands excited for their arrival, but one that has a healthy following among the already large crowd when they hit the stage. It’s safe to say a lot more of them will classify themselves as fans this morning.

For any doubts as to Creeper’s status are blown away by this. That band should and will be huge. Even the way they walk onto stage screams massive, proudly sporting their matching jackets. I said the first time I saw them that Will Gould was a rockstar and he’s only got better since.

Then there are the songs. Album schmalbum, it already feels like they can field a whole set of bangers. ‘Honeymoon Suite’, ‘Black Mass’, new song ‘Suzanne’ and the incredible closer that is ‘Misery’, there isn’t a false step here. What’s even more exciting is that this band are only set to get better. You can try and ignore this hype train, but if you do there is a good chance it will run you over.

I had my worries about letlive. playing to this crowd. For Creeper it feels like home turf but how will the screaming teenage girls that surround me react to these politically fuelled soul punks? I’m an idiot, because letlive. are one of the best live bands on the planet and everyone loves them.

And sure, they’re obviously playing to the crowd in front of them. Songs like ‘Reluctantly Dead’ are by no means their hardest hitting, but it takes nothing away from this set. Mainly because Jason Butler is a force of nature that can’t be controlled. Whether he’s pouring his heart out on stage or front flipping into the crowd, you never know where he will be next, and it adds an edge to letlive’s performance that few can compete with.

If you’d asked me a year ago how big letlive. were going to get I would have told you that despite being one of the best bands on the planet right now, they have a glass ceiling. That this kind of music lives in tiny clubs. After last night I’m no longer sure. If I’m The Devil… is an astonishing piece of work and while it doesn’t pull any punches it opens up this band to a whole new audience. If they can find it then the sky is the limit and they deserve nothing less.

I slipped out before Pierce the Veil, I already felt like the old guy at the kids’ party and I didn’t want to be the grumpy one too. However, in the hour or so that letlive. and Creeper were on stage they may well have delivered one of the gigs of the year. It needs no saying that the last few months have felt a bit shit. Yet when we have music this good I find it hard to believe that we are all as fucked as we think we are. These are the kind of bands that change the world and judging by what I saw in the Barrowlands, they are on their way.

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