RevPro Live At The Cockpit 27 Review

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A big chance for El Phantasmo. Credit: RevPro

I would be lying if I said this was a timely review as the show was nearly a month ago. A combination of the New Japan Cup, 16 Carat and everything else that has been going down means I’m only just getting to it. I always enjoy Cockpit shows, so hopefully, it will prove itself to be timeless. Let’s dish out some stars.

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RevPro Live At The Cockpit 25 Review

A champ will be crowned. Credit: RevPro

RevPro kicked off the year with a terrific show at the Cockpit and came straight back the next night. Live At The Cockpit 25 was wrapping up their women’s tournament and had a few other treats on the card too. How exciting. Let’s dish out some stars.

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Revolution Pro Live In Leamington Review

Credit: Rev Pro

Recently I decided that I don’t watch enough British wrestling. It probably won’t come as a surprise to most of you, but it’s quite good right now, and while I’m slowly working my way through Progress’s back catalogue, it’s time to dive into some other companies. Which is what brings us to Revolution Pro Wrestling and their recent show in that most English sounding of places, Leamington. Let’s dish out some stars.

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