RevPro Live At The Cockpit 22

Credit: RevPro

Ahead of their sexy Global Wars shows, RevPro were back in the cockpit for a not exactly bad-looking line-up itself. There’s no point blabbing for too long. Let’s dish out those stars.

Zack Gibson and Josh Bodom defeated RJ Singh and Dan Magee

To begin with, this was a relatively innocuous tag match but as it went on it got better and better. It was Gibson and Bodom’s sneaky heel tactics against Magee and Singh’s babyface fire, and on this occasion, the evil brains won the day.

It had everything you want from an opener. There was some good action and it got the crowd fired up. Lovely stuff all-around.

Verdict: Three Stars

Keith Lee defeated Dave Mastiff

It’s big boy wrestling time.

We started slowly, the two giants circling each other and feeling things out. As time went on, however, they both began to fire up, and the blows started flying. This was at its best when it was the two of them standing in the centre of the ring seeing who would blink first. Whether it was Mastiff’s German suplex or Lee’s giant elbows, there was pure joy to be found in watching two big fuckers throw their weight about.

The finish was slightly sloppy, but the idea behind it was great, and it left the door open to have this match again somewhere down the line.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Jinny defeated Charlie Morgan

Jinny is on an eighteen-month unbeaten run which is great for her. Sadly, it does take something away from matches like this. This was Morgan’s RevPro debut and you’d have to be one hell of an optimist to think she was taking the win. It took a bit of the heat out of proceedings and made it hard to buy Morgan’s near falls.

Despite that, this was decent. Morgan looked good and that DDT on the apron was particularly vicious. She was presented as a tough competitor who could take and dish out a beating. I’m sure she’ll be back in RevPro.

Verdict: Three Stars

El Phantasmo defeated Flash Morgan Webster

This one started out very friendly as they showed off their gymnastics before breaking out into a nice sequence. It wasn’t until Phantasmo got a bit full of himself and tried to walk around the entire ring on the top rope that things stepped up a notch. Webster pulled him down with an Iconoclasm and from there we were off.

This then turned into a modern indie showing with a combination of big moves and sharp strikes. It didn’t do enough to stand out from the hundred other examples of that match that you can get on streaming services across the world but it was still entertaining. These two are good, so this was too.

The finish was shenanigan fuelled as Josh Bodom made his way to ringside and Webster hit him with a dive. In revenge, Bodom caught Flash with a belt shot and he fell back into a roll-up from Phantasmo.

Verdict: Three Stars

Rob Lias defeated Eddie Dennis

Eddie Dennis is great. He’s nailed his heel turn in Progress and in RevPro he’s a wonderfully likeable babyface. I’m less sold on Lias. I’m not entirely sure what he uniquely brings to the table that a hundred other people couldn’t do.

The story of here was that Eddie Dennis was better than Rob Lias. He dominated the early goings and was in complete control. It looked like Dennis was focused and determined to end his losing streak.

It only took Eddie losing that focus for a second for that to end. After a ref bump, which saw Dennis get the visual three count, Lias brought a chair into the ring and nearly stole the win with it. In frustration, Dennis responded with a chair shot of his own, was caught by the ref and disqualified. Post-match Dennis’s anger boiled over and he destroyed Lias

This was more about the story than the match and it was nicely told. Dennis losing his cool can be transitioned into a heel turn or he can continue to be a more badass face. Lias didn’t do anything to change my opinion of him but he wasn’t supposed to. This wasn’t about him.

Verdict: Two And A Half Stars

Ryan Smile defeated Joey Janela

This was Joey Janela’s bruising insanity vs Ryan Smile’s speed and agility. Both of these men impress me more every time I see them. Janela is perhaps not the greatest wrestler on the planet but he has charisma and a gleam in his eyes that makes you believe he’ll do anything to get the win.

In the end, it was a matter of who made the first mistake and Janela got a bit too into playing to the crowd. He decided to lecture Smile mid-match which only served to rile him up. After that, he got a bit too theatrical ahead of a lariat giving Smile the chance to steal the win going into his Cruiserweight Title fight against Bodom.

This was great and the best thing on the show at this point. I’ve spoken before about the fantastic job Janela’s done in raising his profile this year and he’s backing that up in the ring.

Verdict: Four Stars

CCK (Travis Banks and Chris Brookes) defeated Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher), The Legion of Lords (No Fun Dunne and Lord Gideon Grey) and The Contenders (Josh Wall and Kurtis Chapman)

Everybody into the ring!

This was never going to be calm.

We got a bit of silliness at the start, powder-filled balloons and megaphones all built up to Lord Gideon Grey delivering a couple of pathetic chops to Mark Davis. This lulled the big man into a false sense of security at which point Grey chopped him in the balls. A few minutes later Travis Banks tried to kick his way through Josh Wall. He didn’t succeed but he got seriously close.

That kind of set up the theme for this match. You had the silly antics of the Legions of Lords up against a seemingly pissed off CKK. Elsewhere, you had two young tag teams still looking to prove themselves. Aussie Open continue to be incredible for their relative experience levels and The Contenders have impressed me since I started watching RevPro. Basically, they’re all outstanding, and I’m a fan of outstanding wrestlers.

If you’re looking for intricate story fuelled action, then this probably wasn’t it. It was designed to heat CCK up after they lost their belts but it’s a four-way tag and whenever you have eight wrestlers in a ring chaos is going to be the winning answer. It’s a good thing we enjoy chaos then isn’t it?

Verdict: Four Stars

Post-match CCK showed some respect to The Contenders, I like it when wrestlers are nice. Perhaps more importantly, Brookes got on the mic and stated their intention to get back their tag-team titles.

Overall Show

These RevPro shows are incredibly easy to watch. Even the lesser matches tend to be good and my lowest rating here was because it was focused on story rather than on in-ring action. It’s a lovely combination of dream bouts and fantastic British wrestlers and I’m alright with that.

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