Revolution Pro Live In Leamington Review

Credit: Rev Pro

Recently I decided that I don’t watch enough British wrestling. It probably won’t come as a surprise to most of you, but it’s quite good right now, and while I’m slowly working my way through Progress’s back catalogue, it’s time to dive into some other companies. Which is what brings us to Revolution Pro Wrestling and their recent show in that most English sounding of places, Leamington. Let’s dish out some stars.

Chris Brookes defeated Kurtis Chapman

Kurtis Chapman is 19 years old and looks like he’d be blown away if the wind got under his brolly. Despite that, he seems to have been putting together a nice run in Rev Pro and continued that with a good match here.

There was a simple structure to this as Chapman showed off some underdog fire to worry Chris Brookes. However, when Brookes was able to find his bearings, he tended to control the action and looked like he had it all wrapped up on a couple of occasions only for Chapman to refuse to stay down. In the end, it would take a piledriver to see off the rookie.

This was a great example of how to do this kind of match. Brookes looked strong and Chapman came across as a guy who isn’t quite there and yet still earned the more experienced wrestler’s respect in defeat.

Verdict: Three Stars

Jinny and Rob Lias defeated Veda Scott and Dan Magee

In a repeat of the previous show in Cardiff, Jinny snuck out a win over Veda Scott. This time she used the referee to block an attack and then distracted him to allow Rob Lias to attack Veda from behind and leave her vulnerable to the pin. I’m not sure how necessary distracting the ref was, as the entire build-up to that spot was Veda and Dan Magee working over Lias when he wasn’t the legal man.

This was a fun match. Nothing particularly special, but when it broke down at the end there was more than enough going on to keep you entertained. The only person I’d seen much of before was Veda Scott and everyone else looked good on this showing.

Verdict: Two And A Half Stars

Dave Mastiff defeated El Phantasmo

Big man vs quick man. It’s a story that wrestling has been telling for years and there’s a reason for that. It helps when the big man is as good as Dave Mastiff, as he’s more than capable of mixing it up with the likes of El Phantasmo. He excelled at chucking Phantasmo around the ring, but when the pace picked up, he was equally at home taking hurricanranas and working at his opponents speed.

There was a period in the middle where it lost its way a bit. Mastiff took control, and everything was a bit too slow and pondering as he conducted his beatdown. From a structural point of view, it made sense – El Phantasmo’s comeback flurry was all the sweeter for it – but it was hard to stop the mind wandering.

In the end, Mastiff’s power was too much, and he hit a vicious looking German into the corner followed by a Cannonball. Even with the lull in the middle, this was a solid example of that classic match-up.

Verdict: Three Stars

Speedball Mike Bailey defeated Ryan Smile

What a match. It was hard-hitting and violent but worked at the speed of a cruiserweight encounter. They beat the crap out of each other with style.

It was built around the story of Ryan Smile playing to the crowd instead of finishing off Speedball when he had the chance. Bailey, on the other hand, took every chance he had to kick Smile as hard as he could and grabbed at the smallest opportunity presented to him to get the win. It was a minor difference in the way they conducted themselves, and it proved decisive.

Despite that difference, both wrestlers came out of this looking better than they did going in. Speedball was a machine as every strike he threw was vicious while Smile gained respect with every blow he absorbed. The final sequence was incredible as both men gave everything they had to the match. This was some beautiful pro wrestling, make sure and see it.

Verdict: Four Stars

Travis Banks defeated Timothy Thatcher

Most of my experience of Timothy Thatcher is hearing people complain about his EVOLVE run. On this evidence, I don’t have a clue what they were whining about.

I get that this style isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but this was the kind of grapple-fest fight that I love. It felt like Banks and Thatcher were out there trying to grind each other down. Whether it was through wrenching on limbs or smacking each other in the face, they would do everything in their power to be the one who did it best.

In the end, Banks picked up the win using his speed to cause some damage and then moving in for the kill. While this didn’t quite live up to the match before it, it was still a great showing from these men.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Moose defeated Eddie Dennis

People love chanting Moose. Whether it’s in NOAH, Impact or Rev Pro, he always gets a good reaction. Coming into this match, I felt like I’d never seen him live up to it between the ropes.

And this went some way towards changing my mind. I’m still not convinced that Moose is a fantastic wrestler, but damn is he an incredible athlete. He moves around the ring like a natural and that combination of agility and power can’t be taught. We all complain about wrestling’s tendency to chase ex-footballers. When they’re built like Moose, you can’t really blame them.

A man I know I enjoy is Eddie Dennis, and his plucky babyface role in Rev Pro is a lot of fun. You don’t have to win wrestling matches to get over, and this was a lovely example of how you can come into a contest on a losing streak, lose again and still come out looking great. Dennis gave everything to a man that from a purely visual standpoint looked like he should destroy him. He valiantly traded blows and hit a pretty awful Canadian Destroyer, and it just wasn’t enough. Dennis looked like a star even as he lost and that’s part of what makes pro-wrestling so special.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) defeated The Hunter Brothers (Lee and Jim Hunter)

This match started slow, but when it took off, it really took off. Moustache Mountain can always be relied on to be a total delight, and Tyler Bate somehow keeps getting better despite the fact that he’s already pretty damn amazing.

What I loved about this is that it was two well-honed tag teams going out there and doing what they do best. It looked effortless and in that there was a hell of a lot of effort. Everyone seemed to know where everyone was going to be without even the need for a glance. There wasn’t much in the way of a story and there didn’t need to be. Both teams were trying to prove that they were the best and that was enough.

Moustache Mountain ended up picking up the win with a piledriver followed by a Tyler Driver. Once again, everyone involved in this match came out looking great.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Overall Show

This show was a pleasure to watch. Speedball and Ryan Smile stole the show. However, nothing was terrible, and even the match I rated at the lowest (the mixed tag) was fun. You’re not going to find many wrestling shows as easy to watch as this one, and it was a lovely way to kick off reviewing Revolution Pro Wrestling.

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