WWE Fastlane 2018 Review

A renewal of Zayn and Owens' fight-forever hostilities dovetails into disastrous fashion with the ringside presence of SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon, who is trash-talked by Zayn and accidentally superkicked by Owens.
Can I kick him next? Credit: WWE

It’s the last of the final stops on the Road to WrestleMania, and we are in buzzword central. WWE is making sure that it is impossible for you to not realise that the big show is around the corner and they ain’t going for subtle. They will beat you round the head with that sign if they have to. Let’s dish out some stars.

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Fastlane Review


Fastlane is behind us and despite WWE’s reported resolve to turn it into a big show, it managed to feel like nothing of the sort.  If you were the kind to predict things – like me – you should have been able to get 99% of the results spot on and the in-ring action rarely got above good.  One or two matches aside, this was a bit of a dud.  With that in mind, please read my review.

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Fastlane Preview


Fastlane is just around the corner and with WWE truly gearing up for Wrestlemania season it is looking to at the very least, be an interesting show.  Seeds will be planted and more than one of them will sprout come Wrestlemania weekend.  So with all of that in mind, here’s what I think will happen at the last stop before the big one.

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Save Brock Save

Brock Lesnar is the best thing WWE have.  While some people (read weirdos) are fed up of watching him destroy things, there is no denying it is over.  He is the WWE’s Hulk, and part of that appeal has always been that he will turn up every few months, hang around for a few weeks killing stuff, before disappearing again.  It was perfect.  Until it wasn’t anymore.

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Rusev Crush

Who is WWE’s biggest heel at this moment?  Brock Lesnar?  Maybe.  But the truth is Lesnar’s not really a heel.  Paul Heyman is, but Lesnar has never once cheated or done anything remotely heelish.  He’s just awesome at kicking ass.  Behind Lesnar you have The Authority, a group most people are jaded with, but who have the brilliant Seth Rollins.  He was the guy no one expected to be the heel coming out of The Shield, but has done a brilliant job with it.  Behind him, is Rusev.  Who isn’t just one of the biggest heels in the company, but also the most credible one.

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Daniel Bryan?

Once again WWE has entered Wrestlemania season with a big thorn in their foot.  One, Mr. Daniel Bryan.  Now, as thorns go, he is a pretty good one to have.  One of the best technical wrestlers in the world, who also happens to be one of the most over with the fans, really not too shabby.  However, due to a series of booking mistakes, Bryan once again finds himself in a bit of ‘Mania purgatory.  One second he is set to face Sheamus, the next it’s Dolph Ziggler and at the moment some people are suggesting he might end up in the main event.  All this shifting of plans isn’t helping anyone, least of all the man himself.

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