Save Brock Save

Brock Lesnar is the best thing WWE have.  While some people (read weirdos) are fed up of watching him destroy things, there is no denying it is over.  He is the WWE’s Hulk, and part of that appeal has always been that he will turn up every few months, hang around for a few weeks killing stuff, before disappearing again.  It was perfect.  Until it wasn’t anymore.

Brock’s downturn began at the Royal Rumble.  When he entered the ring, he dispatched the non-important members of the Wyatt Family, before they all returned to the ring and with the help of Papa Wyatt threw him out.  In many ways, it made sense, it set up a feud between Brock and Bray, and while that wouldn’t have been my first choice, it is an alright idea.  However, it also began to hurt Brock’s image.  Brock should have entered that Rumble to a ring full of jobbers and killed them all because that is what Brock does.  The way it went was just too normal.  It was a storyline which you could imagine them doing with Big Show or Kane.  He didn’t even throw an announce table at someone for Christ’s sake!

And since the Rumble, Brock’s just been there.  He’s part of a normal feud on TV which he isn’t the star of, suddenly he’s another cog in the machine.  He’ll presumably go on to lose to Reigns at Fastlane, and then rumours suggest that, horrifyingly, he might go on to face Strauman at ‘Mania in what has the potential to stink the place out worse than his infamous match with Goldberg.  It is all just so… ordinary.

So how do you fix it?  Well, simple.  Brock SMASH!  Brock Lesnar is a terrifying man.  I have had nightmares about him chasing me.  It takes no effort at all to make him a threat so let him be one.  I would have him destroy Reigns and Ambrose at Fastlane, leaving the two of them broken in the ring before just walking out, all the while with Heyman pleading with him to go back and win the match.  Instead, he’d go a hunting, hunting specifically for a Wyatt.  On Raw the next day he does exactly that, dispensing of the Wyatt family and nearly getting his hands on Bray, who slips out at the last moment.

The build from there to Mania is simple, Brock chases; Wyatt runs.  The two obviously then to go to clash at said event and somehow Wyatt comes out with the win.  He can cheat and sneak, but he needs to win a feud!  After that, Brock SMASH.

It is all so simple, and that’s because booking Brock is simple.  The guy is a beast.  The more you let him act like an animal the better things will be.  Brock Lesnar should be the WWE’s star attraction, but the way things are going, he’s just going to be another guy on an extremely talented roster.


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