Milk Teeth – Vile Child

Every now and then an album comes along that just hits a chord.  It feels like it is made for you.  Which actually makes it hard to review.  It’s difficult talking about things you love, particularly if you are trying to avoid sounding like you have your face buried up their arse.  So say hello to Milk Teeth, my (and hopefully your) favourite new band.

Their debut album Vile Child is a glorious fuzzy ode to the nineties.  It’s alternative rock, grunge, punk and shoegaze all whipped together in one delightful package.  More importantly, it feels fresh and alive in 2016.  They may be looking back for inspiration, but this is by no means a rehash of what has come before.  It is new and damn is it exciting.

The star player is undoubtedly lead vocalist/bassist Becky Blomfield, who whether she is delivering punk choruses in ‘Brain Food’ or emotionally bare ones in ‘Swear Jar (Again)’ never misses a step.  Her voice is full of character and she has that rare ability to have you hanging onto every word she says.  It’s in direct contrast to Josh Bannister’s yelped vocals on the straight up hardcore of ‘Get a Clue’.  Josh has now actually left the band and it will be interesting to see who they replace him with as the contrast between his harsher tones and Becky’s sweet ones plays a big part on more than one track on this album.

Of course, it takes more than one to tangle and this album is definitely the sum of its parts.  This is a band that feels like a band.  It is so far removed from crap like Panic! At the Disco that they may as well be from different planets.  They are able to deliver languid reflection on ‘Kabuki’ or fuzzy joy on ‘Brickwork’ with equal consequences.  And those consequences are always good.  Plus their ability to write a catchy hook-filled chorus should not be overlooked.

I rather love this album, as someone whose first venture into rock and roll was through Nirvana and 90s alternative rock, this almost feels like a homecoming.  It may only be the early days of February but we have an album of the year contender on our hands already.  2016 suddenly has a lot to live up to.

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