The New Day: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Kofi Kingston has the chance to go to WrestleMania. On the final PPV before the fifty-hour-long event that is WWE’s version of the Superbowl, Kofi will face off against Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title. Will he win? Probably not, but that doesn’t really matter. The point is that after eleven years of being stuck in th mid-card, Kingston is getting his shot, and he got there with the help of his friends.

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WWE WrestleMania 34 Review

WWE Photo
Not this year, buddy. Credit: WWE

I spend a lot of time moaning about WWE. However, when that sign goes up and we all start pointing at it, I get excited. Part of that is down to the many great shows going on around the big one, but let’s not pretend I don’t love WrestleMania. Even as it trickles into its seventh hour and pisses me off for the sixth time, there are few things I’d rather be doing. It’s ‘Mania! Let’s have fun.

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WrestleMania Weekend Part 1: NXT TakeOver


Rather than throwing my thoughts on everything that happened during WrestleMania weekend into one big post I thought I’d space them out. So over the next few days, I shall be giving the lowdown on everything I felt about the Grandest Show of Them All and all the hoopla that surrounds it. We start with NXT TakeOver: Dallas. Arguably, at least out of the ones I saw, the best show of the weekend.

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In an unusual move, WWE has decided to hold a live Network special during the build-up to WrestleMania. It means that this Saturday, we have Roadblock, an almost mini-PPV that has thrown up a few interesting matches. While there is a case to be made that having to promote another event during the Road to WrestleMania is a mistake, it is happening now, and as I always do, I feel like I have to give my thoughts on what will be occurring.

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Save Brock Save

Brock Lesnar is the best thing WWE have.  While some people (read weirdos) are fed up of watching him destroy things, there is no denying it is over.  He is the WWE’s Hulk, and part of that appeal has always been that he will turn up every few months, hang around for a few weeks killing stuff, before disappearing again.  It was perfect.  Until it wasn’t anymore.

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Roddy Piper

If John McClane had been fighting against a faceless bad guy in Die Hard it’s a safe bet that it, like hundreds of other action films, would have been forgotten instantly.  Hans Gruber made him, because a good guy needs a bad guy.  Roddy Piper was that bad guy.  He was the ying to Hulk Hogan’s yang and it’s a pretty safe bet that without the Hot Rod, Hulk Hogan would never have reached the height of celebrity that he did.  On the week that it came out that Hulk wasn’t the squeaky clean American hero that he wanted us all to believe, Roddy had to upstage him once again.  Sadly, this time he did it by leaving this Earth behind.

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Wrestlemania Aftermath

Watching Wrestlemania as a UK fan is a strange experience.  While our American cousins have a normal evening in front of the TV or for a lucky few thousand in the stadium, we have to stay up to four in the morning on a Sunday evening combating sleep.  Some years that feels like a huge mistake.  As time trickles by and WWE piss you off with their ridiculous decision-making, you can’t help but think of a night in bed rather than on the sofa.  Yet, every now and then the stars come together and WWE knock it out the park, last night was one of those occasions.

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