Hulk Hogan

Writing amusing captions on an article about racism feels wrong.

I don’t know how but it’s November and WrestleMania season is suddenly on the horizon. Undertaker is popping up on SmackDown and rumours abound of who is being set up with who. One rumour that has been whispered on a regular basis is whether a certain Hulk Hogan will return for the Superbowl of professional wrestling.

Which is an awful idea. A fucking awful idea. It’s a bit fat steaming turd of an atrocious idea. Look, I get it. Hogan is the Immortal One. For many fans, he is wrestling, and we all grew up watching him deliver a big boot and an even bigger leg drop. I have a place in my heart for that Hulk Hogan. He was our superhero, and that kind of thing doesn’t evaporate overnight.

Even if Hogan would make it very easy to do so.

The flipside of that is that he is also an awful human being. A man who in a video that showed him sleeping with his friend’s wife repeatedly said disgusting and racist things. Let’s remember as well that this wasn’t a nineteen-year-old Hulkster, a figure lost in the mists of time who has been down many roads since. The events in that video were from eight years ago. Hogan was a grown man saying things that he believed and those things were horrible.

This point seems all the more pertinent in the current political climate, but people are remarkably quick to dismiss the flaws in those they like. It’s what happened when Phil Anselmo decided to show off the unsavoury side of his personality, and it’s what happening with Hogan. Christ, I’m not declaring myself free of it. A lot of the musicians that I love are fucked up human beings, and I write about Hulk while still being a fan of Stone Cold a man who was found guilty of beating his wife. I stand alongside everyone else in needing to stop letting folk of the hook just because they once captured our imagination.

I mean, the man had a going to court bandana.

As a wrestling fan, I understand the need to have Hogan in a WWE ring. As awful as any match involving him would probably be the second that music hit at WrestleMania it wouldn’t matter. You would be a kid again, basking in it. However, as a human being, I don’t want him anywhere it. He’s bullied people throughout his career and hold’s views that make me sick. WWE love to set themselves up as this socially conscious company that does good, all the time. Well if they are truly that then Hulk Hogan has no place at WrestleMania or on any other show they do.

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