Wakrat – Wakrat

With 2016 being the year the planet officially decided to start taking the piss there is no better time than now for a bunch of politically astute rock bands to make a name for themselves. They are out there too. Whether it’s letliveGojiraAgainst Me or even Enter Shikari there are bands out there that have something to say. The problem is they don’t have the platform to say it on. The editor of Kerrang is too busy complaining on Twitter about how these bands don’t exist, and the rest aren’t that much better. Enter Wakrat.

Featuring Tim Commerford of Rage Against the Machine fame, Wakrat are a spiky punk rock band who ain’t happy. Their self-titled debut album is quite happy to tell the world that we are fucked, literally on ‘Generation Fucked’, and its combination of electronic, industrial and punk makes sure that it sounds alive and fresh unlike Commerford’s other day job in Prophets of Rage.

So how does this play in with all those other bands that have something to say? Well, that platform that they need is something Wakrat might have access to. Commerford is obviously not the face that Zack De La Rocha or Tom Morello is but he was still in that band and that alone gives him a mainstream edge that a lot of these others group don’t have. If these bands are going to infiltrate, they need people like that to stand up for them and make a statement by taking them on tour or repping their music.

Because Wakrat’s album is one of those things that could take off. Tracks like ‘The Thing’ could appeal to fans of The Prodigy and yet also to those who adore Bad Brains. While ‘Nail in the Snail’ has a chorus and a hook that you could almost imagine hearing on the radio. There is an infectiousness to this album hidden underneath the strange time signatures and pissed off attitude.

Wakrat’s debut album isn’t going to shift the world. It’s a strong release that will give something to those Rage at the Machine fans who are looking at the plodding Prophets of Rage and wondering what the fuck they are supposed to do with that. However, it’s now up to these bands that do get the press attention to reach back and pull all those other groups along with them. If they do, the political music that apparently doesn’t exist might just catch us all off-guard yet.

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