Uncharted 4

Nothing to see here.

There’s a moment about three-quarters of the way through V when following a particularly gruelling shootout Nathan Drake and his long-suffering better half Elena stop to engage in some mild bickering about what has come before. Eventually, they sign an uneasy peace and get in the car to drive off elsewhere. What follows is 30 seconds to a minute of Naughty Dog at their best. The music rises and as the beautiful landscape flies past you can sit back and appreciate what they’ve created. It’s the giraffe in The Last Of Us all over again.

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Pokemon Yellow Revisited


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Pokemon has kind of become a thing again. The game that many of us put hundreds of hours into in our childhood (and a few of us continue to do so in our adult lives) has suddenly become culturally relevant again. And not just for those clicked into the video game nexus. Odds are your mum has even heard of Pokemon Go and the various amusing stories that have come around because of it.

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Life is Strange


There were two key moments in my play through of Life is Strange. The first came early on in the game when I was exploring the grounds of Blackwell Academy, the school within which a lot of the game is set, and I realised that I – in the form of central character Max – was nervous about approaching certain characters. To put it simply ‘the popular kids’. I knew that Max wouldn’t do that so why should I? And besides, what if they were mean to me?

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Fallout 4: The Game That Helped Me Understand Bethesda


I have never understood Bethesda games. I played Oblivion but ended up rushing through it just to get it over and done with while I have bounced off Skyrim and Fallout 3 more times than I count. I appreciate the vast worlds they create but there is just too much, and I quickly got bored of walking through them and killing things. That is until Fallout 4.

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Superhot has had its name out there for quite a while, generally in a loud and commanding voice. Originally created during a seven-day game jam, the prototype they launched online was praised to high heaven and one successful Kickstarter campaign we finally have the full game. So can it live up to the hype?

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The Beginner’s Guide

I don’t know whether I enjoyed my time with The Beginner’s Guide.  I’m not even sure whether I understood the game.  In fact, the only thing I’m 100% sure on is that there will be people out there who will claim it’s not even a game.  Because people are dicks like that.  Roughly 48 hours after completing it I honestly don’t know what I think, which makes writing about it pretty hard.  However, I also feel the need to get my thoughts down on paper, or at least whatever you call the unlimited paper of the internet.

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Her Story

Her Story has had an incredible amount of attention in the last few weeks.  Coming seemingly out of nowhere, it has captured the imagination of many and been written about all over the place.  It’s also something that is incredibly hard to talk about without spoilers, so you should only read further if you have played the game or have no intention of ever doing so.

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Football Manager 2015

I’ve written in the past about my love of Football Manager, so unsurprisingly it didn’t take long for me to pick up the newest version when it was released last Friday.  Now there is no denying FM is a hard game to review.  Something the size of Football Manager can’t be fully explored, without putting many an hour into it, so to reference Total Biscuit, lets say this is more of a first impressions piece, than an actual review.  In saying all that, according to Steam I have already put 27 hours into the game.  Now I am always very skeptical of Steam’s internal clock, but I spent most of the weekend playing it and I’m into my second season on my ‘testing out the game’ Chelsea save.

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