Stardom Grow Up Stars (10/3/19) Review

Credit: Stardom

With the previous day’s show at Shinkiba bearing witness to everyone in Stardom getting in the challenging mood, you can only assume that this show was the start of us building to some of those matches. Throw in Saya Iida taking on Utami for the Future of Stardom Title, and you’ve got the basis for an entertaining show. Read on to find out if it was the case.

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Stardom World In Nagoya (3/3/19) Review

Stardom ventured to Nagoya where they’d put together a fantastic card for the occasion. Not only did they bless us with Kyona vs Watanabe (a match which has been getting all the hype), but it was backed-up by Artist Of Stardom and SWA Title matches. It’s fun for all the family.

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