Mae Young Classic Final Review

The big fight. Credit: WWE

The Mae Young Classic comes to an end with the final we all expected. The MMA badass vs the Pirate Princess, in another world this match would be ridiculous. However, for all WWE’s faults, they’ve done a good job of presenting this tournament as a serious proposition, with every wrestler in it to win it. It’s the easiest of things to do, but it makes it all feel so much more important. One final thing before we get to the stars, I’ve (rightly) been harsh on JR and Lita all tournament – and while JR was still awful – Lita wasn’t too bad during this match, so that’s something at least. Let’s dish out those stars.

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10 Observations From New Japan’s G1 US Special

There aren’t any pictures up of the second night yet, so these all come from the first. Credit: NJPW

For months now we’ve been building up to New Japan invading America. For one weekend, the wrestling in Long Beach got a little bit puro, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to call it an unqualified success. We got some brilliant wrestling, a little bit of storytelling and a new champion crowned. So here are ten things we observed when New Japan came to Long Beach.

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8 Observations From NXT TakeOver: Chicago

Tag-team wrestling continues to flourish in NXT.

There’s not much you can rely on with WWE. Their unreliability is the most reliable thing about them. Yet, over the last few years, NXT TakeOver shows have consistently stood up and been brilliant. From Nakamura vs. Zayn to the rise of the tag-team division; you are always guaranteed at least one classic match and if you’re lucky you’ll get a few more. With the TV product slowly heating up post-Mania, it’s no surprise to say that Chicago continued that streak. Here are eight things we noticed while watching NXT TakeOver Chicago.

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10 Observations From WrestleMania 33

If you squint, he almost looks like classic ‘Taker.

Wow, I watched a shitload of wrestling this weekend. If you’re not into the graps, then you might as well stay away from the site this week because I’m going to be writing about it all. From Kaiju Big Battel to Evolve. However, we’re going to start off with the big daddy and talk about ten thoughts I had during WrestleMania 33. If you haven’t figured it out, there are spoilers ahead.

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