Tale Of The Feud: Katsuyori Shibata vs The Third Generation

Mission TAKE OVER (Katsuyori Shibata/Yuji Nagata Theme) - YouTube
Fighting for respect. Credit: NJPW

Welcome to Tale of the Feud, a series in which I go back and cover iconic wrestling feuds. Previously, I’ve gone back and looked at the violent rivalry between Bryan Danielson and KENTA before covering the generational battles of Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada. Today’s entry, though, is about redemption. It’s the story of Katsuyori Shibata proving himself to the New Japan fans and the legends they revere. Enjoy this dive into Shibata vs The Third Generation.

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NJPW G1 Climax 29 Final (12/8/19) Review

Probably not a good sign for Jay. Credit: NJPW

Here we are then, the final of the 29th G1 Climax. It might not have been the match I wanted, but it’s the one we’ve got, and it’s time to find out who is heading to the Dome. Ibushi or White? The Golden Star or the Master Manipulator? The guy who thinks books can’t be trusted or The Knife Pervert? Time to find out.

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NJPW G1 Climax Final (12/8/18) Review

Ace vs Golden Star. Credit: NJPW

Wow, here we are then. The G1 final. I’ve reviewed every single one of these buggers which I’m quite proud of. In the next few days I’m going to do a round-up of the tournament where I go through every wrestler and talk about how they did, but right now there is only one thing to focus on. The final. I’m not bothering with the undercard because, honestly, fuck the undercard. The only thing that matters is who takes that pretty shitty looking trophy home. Enough talk. Let’s finish this bad boy.

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Ramblings About’s Top Three Wrestling Matches Of 2017

Spoiler. Credit: NJPW

Twenty albums, ten films and three matches. Why? Nobody knows, and it is certainly not from a lack of options. This has been a hell of a year for wrestling. Sure, the big boy has been a bit shit, but the rest of the world is stepping up, and even WWE had a few crackers. Wrestling is on top form right now, and it’s a joy to watch.

Alongside all my usual disclaimers I would like to point out that I am one person and I can only watch so many promotions. This list is slanted in a certain direction because of that. I hope to get into even more promotions in the future, but there are only so many hours in the day. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

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Katsuyori Shibata And A Wrestling Fan’s Guilt

All the best to one of the very best. Photo Credit: NJPW

Over the weekend the news began to spread that not only were Katsuyori Shibata’s injuries following his match with Kazuchika Okada not a work, but that they could potentially put an end to his career. According to Dave Meltzer, the combination of that now horrifying headbutt and dehydration led to Shibata’s subdural hematoma, and he was temporarily paralysed down his right side. While he is now communicating and recovering in the┬áhospital, it is believed that the chances of him ever being cleared to wrestle again are low.

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