No Devotion – Permanance

Like it or not, Lostprophets were an important band.  They were one of the big players in a movement that saw British rock reassert itself.  What happened after was obviously disgusting, but there were other people in that band and they lost everything due to the actions of one cunt.  Which brings us to No Devotion, the moment where those men wipe themselves down and start again.  Now with Geoff Rickly on vocal duties.

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Controlling the Hype

Media hype is an unusual thing.  In the last year or so we’ve seen organisations like Team Rock throw their weight behind bands like King 810 and Babymetal, two groups that arguably couldn’t be more different.  Yet, both apparently have the dubious honor of being worthy of taking their place as a ‘hyped band’.  Whether they would have succeeded with or without that is of course impossible to say, but there’s no denying that they will have come to many people’s attention through the mainstream rock press.

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Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – Blossom

Since leaving Gallows Frank Carter has struggled to make up his mind.  First he was fed up of singing about hate and would never do hardcore again.  Then, after a brief flirtation with the underwhelming Pure Love, he seemed to change his mind and is now back in the hardcore groove, with Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes.  Their debut album, Blossom, sees him try to recapture the magic that made Gallows one of the most exciting bands on the planet.

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Frank Turner – Positive Songs for Negative People

Frank Turner has had one hell of a career since the end of Million Dead back in 2005.  He has played 1708 solo shows (as of Sunday the 9th of August 2015) and released six albums.  That’s not even mentioning side projects like the brilliant Mongol Horde.  In that time, he’s risen from playing the back rooms of pubs to a handful of people, to selling out arenas, all seemingly off the back of word of mouth and good songs.  It’s a journey that now continues with Positive Songs for Negative People.

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Discover Weekly

With competition rearing its head from Apple Music, Spotify have introduced a new feature.  Discover Weekly.  A weekly playlist put together by, I assume, an algorithm buried away in Spotify which look at what you’ve listened to and comes up with other bands that it thinks you might like.  It’s a nice feature for those wanting to move outside of their musical comfort zone, but does it really work?

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Bullet For My Valentine: Where Did it all go Wrong?

Here’s a little secret for you, that isn’t actually at all a secret.  The first heavy metal band I truly got into was Bullet For my Valentine.  They broke at the same time I was moving from Nirvana and Jimmy Eat World onto Metallica and Iron Maiden (not that I stopped loving either of those bands).  They were the first band that felt like one of my bands and The Poison is still a cracking album.  However, at some point in the last few years things have gone a bit off the rails for Bullet.  Rather than, as many predicted, a rise to festival headliner status, they have seen themselves flounder around the same level.  Never able to make that next big step.

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Where do we go from here?

Music constantly evolves.  For every album that lasts forever, there are thousands that ten years after their release sound dated and old.  The world goes past them and that is the natural way of things.  However, it doesn’t stop people clinging to the past.  You just have to bring up a band like Bring Me the Horizon to a group of diehard metal fans and see the reaction.  ‘That’s not metal!’ blah blah blah.  All of this ignores the fact that it is without a doubt metal, it is just the next stage in a constantly evolving sound.

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Baby Chaos

As I was around six years old when Baby Chaos were first on the scene, it is probably not surprising that they passed me by.  However, I did catch these Glasgow rockers supporting Ginger Wildheart last year and they have just today been announced as support for The Wildhearts P.H.U.Q tour in September.  Such an obvious seal of approval from Ginger himself, was always going to insure I picked up their comeback album.

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Second Chances: The Prodigy

We all have them, those big bands you know you should love, but just leave you feeling a bit cold.  I have a fair few of them in my closet, bands for whatever reason I have never got or never given the time to.  That’s where Second Chances come in.  An article series where I will go to bands who fill this criteria and give them exactly that, a second chance.  To start things off, we have The Prodigy.  A band who have always gone over my head.  Sure, there are some great things about them, I remember how cool and dangerous they seemed when they first broke and I was young and impressionable.  But in the here and now, I just struggle to care.  Even their famed live show failed to convince me when I watch them headline Sonisphere last year.

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