No Devotion – Permanance

Like it or not, Lostprophets were an important band.  They were one of the big players in a movement that saw British rock reassert itself.  What happened after was obviously disgusting, but there were other people in that band and they lost everything due to the actions of one cunt.  Which brings us to No Devotion, the moment where those men wipe themselves down and start again.  Now with Geoff Rickly on vocal duties.

Their debut album, Permanance, couldn’t be further from what has come before.  Gone is the bombastic chorus led rock and roll of Lostprophets and in its place is atmospheric post-rock.  More restrained and focused.  It feels like the next step in a growing process and it’s bloody good.  It’s no secret that Geoff Rickly is one hell of a vocalist and his voice perfectly melds with the slow, often morose sound that No Devotion are peddling here.  Tracks like ‘Why Can’t I Be With You’ are tinged with sadness and Rickly’s voice is perfectly suited to that melancholic air.

Which is an unavoidable part of this album, while pretty much every song is packed with a big sing-along chorus, there is very much an air of sadness pervading it.  Even on the more cheerful sounding tracks, like single ‘10,000 Summers’, there’s a restrained feeling to proceedings.  Like a band not wanting to be too showy or flashy.  Instead, they are focused on writing great post-rock songs that fill a hole you didn’t know you needed filling.

No Devotion feels like a rebirth.  It’s a wonderful album coming out of a horrible situation and a fresh start for a group of guys who damn well deserve it.  Permanence is unlikely to be the soundtrack to your next big party, but for those retrospective moments when you’re sitting at home pondering the future it is the perfect solution.  It may well prove to be the one good thing that comes out of that horrifying chain of events and it’s just good to see that these guys continue to have a future.


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