Baby Chaos

As I was around six years old when Baby Chaos were first on the scene, it is probably not surprising that they passed me by.  However, I did catch these Glasgow rockers supporting Ginger Wildheart last year and they have just today been announced as support for The Wildhearts P.H.U.Q tour in September.  Such an obvious seal of approval from Ginger himself, was always going to insure I picked up their comeback album.

Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me The Glory is therefore the first time I have sat down with a Baby Chaos album and it ticks all the right boxes – at least for this listener.  Filled with big meaty riffs and hooktastic choruses, this is an album that harks back to that 90’s era of Brit rock, but does more than enough to cement itself in the modern-day.

Opener ‘You Can’t Shut Us Up’ is a statement of intent from the off.  It builds up with an erratic guitar, before becoming a fast paced, alternative rock track.  ‘Blackbird’ follows on from that with an opening which sees the melody taking centre stage and the riffs being pulled back.  It’s a pretty good reflection on the two sides of Baby Chaos and it sets you up nicely for what is to come.

That includes tracks like the epic ‘The Whispering of Giants’, which starts understated but grows in stature as it goes on.  ‘P P P Peaches’ has a much more punk rock feel in its angular riffs, while ‘We Were Young’ is begging to be sung along with.  Closer ‘Habibi’ is the heaviest thing on the album, as it snarls along with a big old does of attitude.

Skulls, Skulls, Skulls… is genuinely difficult to dislike.  It is good music, played by good musician and sprinkled with a fair dose of tongue in cheek humour.  Whether this reincarnated Baby Chaos are set for bigger things or not is still to be seen, but on this release they prove that they have still more than got it and old and new fans alike will find all sorts to get their teeth into here.


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