Becky Lynch: Should We Boo?

On Sunday the 19th of August Becky Lynch once again saw her chance to win the SmackDown Women’s Title slip through her fingers. This time, it was her best friend Charlotte Flair that stole it from her. Added to Becky’s match with Carmella after returning from injury, Charlotte went on to beat Carmella and take the title for herself. So, Becky Lynch did what she had to do. She punched Charlotte in the face, turning heel as the audience exploded. Not with boos or shouts of sympathy for Flair. No, they roared with joy. In their eyes, they were finally getting to see someone that they loved getting the push that they deserved. It was a genuine moment of emotion from an adoring public.

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WWE SummerSlam (20/8/17) Review

Braun smash! Credit: WWE

My God, that was long. I watched three wrestling shows over the weekend (TakeOver and ROH’s show in Edinburgh being the other two), and I could have watched both of those again in the time that it took me to watch all of Summerslam and its pre-show. But, I survived and have come out the other end a wiser and more cynical man. Let’s hand out some stars.

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Summerslam Preview

For the first time in a long time, WWE seem to have decided to make Summerslam a big deal.  Always seen by the fans as one of the bigger events.  Recent years have failed to live up to those expectations.  There have been some big moments, Lesnar demolishing Cena for example, but the event has always felt a few notches below Wrestlemania.  This year it feels different.  Not only has the show been expanded to four hours, but we have a huge main event and the kind of celebrity participation that is usually reserved for the biggest show of the year.  Summerslam feels like a big deal and what goes down this Sunday, could well shape the WWE all the way up to Wrestlemania.

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