Summerslam Preview

For the first time in a long time, WWE seem to have decided to make Summerslam a big deal.  Always seen by the fans as one of the bigger events.  Recent years have failed to live up to those expectations.  There have been some big moments, Lesnar demolishing Cena for example, but the event has always felt a few notches below Wrestlemania.  This year it feels different.  Not only has the show been expanded to four hours, but we have a huge main event and the kind of celebrity participation that is usually reserved for the biggest show of the year.  Summerslam feels like a big deal and what goes down this Sunday, could well shape the WWE all the way up to Wrestlemania.

A look down at the Summerslam card shows that WWE have some decisions to make coming out of Sunday.  Do they throw their weight behind Rusev or Ziggler?  Cesaro or Owens?  Sasha Banks or Charlotte?  Cena or Rollins?  The outcome of all of these matches could be big and that’s before we even get to the main event.  So lets start at what is arguably the lowest of those matches, Rusev and Ziggler.

The build up to this has left a lot to be desired.  Rusev has gone from crusher, to slighted boyfriend and despite Dolph being one of the most entertaining in-ring workers in the company, his character still hasn’t clicked with me.  Which isn’t helped by his incredibly awkward chemistry with Lana.  This match is more about the ladies on the outside and it’s been a classic WWE mess of a story.  In a perfect world you’d end this with Lana and Rusev back together and this feud left in the background.  As things stand, and if WWE are going to make Summerslam a big event, it needs to be one where feuds are put to bed and in that case I imagine Dolph will beat the bully.  If that is true, I don’t know where Rusev goes, but it is a damn shame to see how far that guy has fallen since meeting the Cena wrecking ball.

Cesaro and Owens is a feud I think the world wants to see, but shouldn’t be getting right now.  Both of these guys need wins.  Owens is beginning to look like he’s all talk, no action and Cesaro has been wowing crowds – but constantly coming up short.  I’d like to see this match just break down.  Have the ref declare a no contest when they go to the ground and won’t stop wailing on each other.  Then rework this feud so that both men can come out of it hot.  Maybe throw someone else into the mix or leave them with a long term simmering tension.  These two men have the ability to be major stars in WWE and I don’t think one of them beating the other right now, will aid them in that.

I’m going to write a longer piece on why I feel the Divas Revolution is failing in the near future, but at the moment lets just stick to the too many cooks analogy.  The tag match booked for Summerslam feels exactly like that.  Nine people will enter this match and all nine will struggle to get the time they require.  At the moment WWE seems to be throwing their weight behind Charlotte, so I imagine The PCB (awful name) will come out on top by going over one of Team Bella.  But this feud needs to be stripped back and it needs to happen soon.  End the Revolution part of this change and just get down to letting the women wrestle.

At the top of the card the biggest decision WWE has is whether Cena or Rollins walk out with the two most important titles in the company.  On one hand, you have the old guard, John Cena.  A guy who’s stepped back from the main event picture and done a great job of bulking up the mid card.  Returning to him feels like rewinding time, ditching the future for what has been before.  In my opinion, it’s the wrong choice.  Rollins is great, despite often being given little to work with.  He’s arrogant and he’ll cheat to win, but when his back is against the wall he always comes out on top.  That needs to continue.  Cena winning the big one again isn’t interesting right now.  Have Rollins win both titles and make him work twice a show.  He’s good enough to do it.  You will get a lot of entertainment out of him sneaking out of two matches a PPV and it will slowly turn the fans towards him.  Triple H can keep raising the stakes against him and when he finally loses the titles it leads naturally to those two facing off with Rollins as a face.  Sadly, I think Super Cena will prevail again.  Cena wins, LOL.

You’ll notice I’ve stayed away from Lesnar and Undertaker.  That’s because in all honesty I can’t see a way for WWE to get out of that match without damaging Brock in a way that I don’t want to see.  Now, it’s perfectly possible they’ll come up with something.  Look at Wrestlemania for an example of them doing exactly that.  However right now I’m going to stay away from making brash predictions and just wait to see what happens.  In many ways that’s the most exciting way to enter a PPV.  However, what’s really most interesting is that it’s clear that coming out of Summerslam we may be getting a glance at what the future holds for WWE.  Whether it’s one we’ll like, I’m not sure.

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