WrestleMania Weekend Part 4: WrestleMania


The Big One itself. Now that we are a few days removed from WrestleMania it is easy to reflect on this year’s event as a bit of a dud. A crappy build, some strange booking decisions and a flat main event all make for a show that it is hard to get too excited about. However, that doesn’t mean there was nothing good to take from this year’s show.

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Fastlane Review


Fastlane is behind us and despite WWE’s reported resolve to turn it into a big show, it managed to feel like nothing of the sort.  If you were the kind to predict things – like me – you should have been able to get 99% of the results spot on and the in-ring action rarely got above good.  One or two matches aside, this was a bit of a dud.  With that in mind, please read my review.

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Fastlane Preview


Fastlane is just around the corner and with WWE truly gearing up for Wrestlemania season it is looking to at the very least, be an interesting show.  Seeds will be planted and more than one of them will sprout come Wrestlemania weekend.  So with all of that in mind, here’s what I think will happen at the last stop before the big one.

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