The fairground that is the English Premiership…

Image courtesy of the PA

The world of the Premier League is one of the most bonkers places on the planet.  With the Sky Sports hype machine behind it, it has managed to convince many that it is genuinely the best thing since sliced bread.  However, a look between the surface shows just how ridiculous it is.

The latest example of this comes in the form of young Adnan Januzaj, an 18 year old Manchester United winger who scored two goals on his Premier League debut a couple of weeks ago.  Since then the media shitstorm that has surrounded this young player has been ridiculous, with it mainly surrounding the idea that he could play for England.  Now firstly this idea is bullshit.  The Home Nations Agreement currently prevents it.  Not to mention that it wouldn’t be able to happen for at least five years and Januzaj has shown no interest in playing for England.  He wants to play for Kosovo and will wait until they are a recognised FIFA team.  If he’s rejecting the Belgian national team, a team generally considered to be on their way to becoming one of the best in the world, why would he change his mind for England?  It’s not like he grew up here, he moved over only a couple of years ago.

The bigger issue here is that it shows just how blinkered the Premier League hype machine is.  While everyone is sitting at home wanking over the idea of Januzaj Ravel Morrison, a player who was considered hugely talented at Manchester United but didn’t have the mental commitment, has screwed his head on and begun to play some of the best football of his career.  Unlike Januzaj this has actually happened over a series of games rather than one half as well.  Where are the calls for this young Englishman to join the England national setup?  A quick Google search shows one article suggesting so.  (As that’s a Google search it may have changed since I did it, but at the time there was one printed 16 hours ago by the Telegraph.)  The same thing could actually be said of Andros Townsend, pre the last batch of international games.  The guy had broke his way into a very strong Tottenham team and was playing really well.  The hype behind him was non existent though and starting him was considered a huge risk.  Less of a risk than waiting five years for a player who played 45 minutes of good football?  5 years is a long time in football.  The England line up five years ago contained Wes Brown, Matthew Upson, David Bentley and Joe Cole.  What’s to say Januzaj doesn’t break a leg tomorrow and never play again?  I obviously don’t wish it on the young man but it’s possible.

As I said the world of the Premier League is a unique and insane one and the whole palavar surrounding Januzaj is just one example of this.  It’s worth remembering all that the next time Sky starts to hype up Super Sunday.


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