Bound for Glory predictions

Image courtesy of TNA

So TNA‘s biggest PPV of the year takes place tonight and despite the build up being patchy at best it will hopefully be something that is actually worth tuning in for.  So in anticipation of this I figured I’d give my predictions for the event.  Feel free to insult me when they are all wrong.

Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs Bad Influence vs Joseph Park & Eric Young vs BroMans Tag Team Gauntlet Match – Pre Show

It wasn’t too long ago that Beer Money, Team 3D, The Young Bucks and MCMG meant that TNA had the best tag team division in the world.  That has gone out the window recently and instead we have a selection of bad comedy teams, LAX 2.0 and Bad Influence who are the only thing really worth tuning in for.  Because of that and the fact that it makes the most sense for the tag title match later in the show I expect them to go over.

Prediction: Bad Influence

James Storm & Gunner (c) vs Winner of Tag Team Gauntlet Match.  TNA Tag Team Title match.

If Bad Influence go over this could be a great match.  If they don’t it could be awful.  It’s amazing how far Storm has fallen from this time last year, while Gunner has consistently been dealt a bad hand despite having a lot going for him.  I would like them to drop the titles do the inevitable tag team break up feud and both get moved up to the top of the card (which is going to be looking very weak in the coming months) and into bigger and better things.  If it’s one of the other teams wins the gauntlet I don’t see what TNA would gain by putting the belts on them so I would expect Storm and Gunner to retain.

Prediction: Bad Influence if they win the Gauntlet Storm and Gunner otherwise.

Manik vs Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy vs Chris Sabin vs Austin Aries Ultimate X match.  X Division Title match. 

I’m still not quite sure why Kenny King isn’t in this match as pretty much the only other full-time X Division guy.  I’m not a huge Ultimate X fan as I think it becomes a spot fest in a way that’s even worse than Money in the Bank.  However, knowing Jeff Hardy it is inevitable he will be jumping off something at some point and I imagine that will be spectacular.  This match as a whole has to go down as one of the biggest wastes of talent of all time, as two feuds between a combination of Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin and Austin Aries could have been brilliant while Manik and Kenny King could also have put on a great match.  Sadly that is not the case and I expect Hardy will do something daft before Chris Sabin sneaks in to win the title continuing his new heel character.

Prediction:  After Jeff Hardy does something daft Chris Sabin sneaks into win the title.

ODB vs Brooke Tessmacher vs Gail Kim

With the dominating path that Lei’D Tapa. is currently embarking on I can only see this match ending with her interfering and clearing house.  I would prefer it however if this happened after Gail Kim won the title as she is by far the best talent the Knockouts currently have and would make the most sense in terms of Tapa’s first feud.  Don’t be surprised if Tessmacher wins however in order to give her and Bully some sort of victory on the night.

Prediction:  Tessmacher wins before Tapa lays waste to all three of them.

Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode

This has the potential to be one of the matches of the night as Angle and Roode have it in them to wrestle circles round nearly everyone on the roster.  I do worry that Angle has come back from his time out at rehab a bit quickly but I would be very surprised if he didn’t come out with the win tonight particularly with his HOF induction.  It will be a nice feel good moment which I imagine will be followed by an Ego beatdown continuing the feud.

Prediction:  Angle wins before an Ego beatdown.

Sting vs Magnus

This is being compared to Sting Ric Flair which is pinpointed as one of Stings major breakouts in the industry.  I think Magnus is fantastic, he has the look and he has the ability.  I don’t however think Sting is anywhere near the level we’ve grown to expect from him.  He can go out there and he can do his signature spots but beyond that I think he struggles.  Hopefully Magnus can pull something out of him but I do think this match will go down as a disappointment.  I’m also worried about a Magnus heel turn but I hope that TNA are smart enough not to go down that path and Sting pulls one last classic out of the bag before raising Magnus’s hand at the end of a great match.

Prediction: Magnus wins clean.

Bully Ray vs AJ Styles in a No DQ match for the TNA World Championship

This match has summed up TNA’s awful build up to this PPV.   You’ve got about 15 different storylines going on at once (slight exaggeration).  On one hand AJ Styles is now feuding with Dixie Carter because TNA can’t survive without heel authority figures.  On the other hand you’ve got the fact Styles had to go a year without a title shot, something that has been woefully underplayed.  You’ve also got Bully Ray and his growing split from Aces and Eights and finally you have the fact Styles won the Bound for Glory series and oh yea is actually fighting Bully Ray.  This entire feud has been a mess.  On the night I think this will be a solid brawl that is ruined by a series of run ins because TNA doesn’t really do title matches wihtout that.  In the end though AJ should come out with the feel good win.  Bully is good enough to get his heat back the next week on Impact so I think it would be for the best and it would send the fans home happy.

Prediction: AJ Styles wins to send the fans home happy.

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