Hardcore dancing

This is going to be a rant.  Everything I get taught about journalism etc. teaches me not to rant, but I’m still going too because this is a rant about certain types of behaviour at live shows.  Said behaviour is the art of hardcore dancing, an example of which can be seen above.  Now, hardcore dancing has been going on for a long time but recently it seems to have been making a bit of a comeback with twats in baseball caps or hoodies going into the middle of the pit and fighting thin air like a wally.  Now I love a good mosh, I really want to make that clear.  If you take moshing out of metal you take out one of the things that makes it so brilliant.  However, this practice is the practice of cunts.  It’s as simple as that.  Even then though, I can accept it if they do it by themselves away from people who don’t wish to be punched in the face.  Let the mentally deficient hardcore dance together in a corner and the rest of us can enjoy the show.  Recently however, I saw some stuff that was very different and really annoyed me.

Now I’ve already reviewed the Heart of a Coward gig and if you read my review you’ll see I had a good night.  I also gave a good review to Malevolence, a crossover hardcore thrash band that caught my eye.  Their fans on the other hand are not getting a good review and the fact the band encouraged them put me off them in a major way.  You see there was a large section of their fans who weren’t only hardcore dancing but were hardcore dancing right next to large groups of people standing at the front.  To the extent that a guy standing just a foot to my left lost a tooth when some cunt caught him square in the mouth.  Now this guy took this surprisingly well, especially considering the force of the smack he got.  I’m not quite sure how he didn’t lose his temper but full respect to him for that.  Meanwhile the guy who did it didn’t even have the human decency to look over his shoulder to attempt an apology of any sort.  And judging by the force of that smack he could not have failed to notice what had happened.

Now when I talk about the fact I’m a heavy metal fan one of the things that fills me with the most pride is our sense of community.  When we open a pit it is a violent experience, but it’s a violent experience that underneath the macho bravado is nearly completely safe.  We look after each other and no one gets hurt.  This kind of behaviour was the complete opposite to that.  When you have cunts doing spin kicks while standing next to groups of fans just trying to enjoy the show it’s just not on and it’s alien to what heavy metal and that world is supposed to represent.

Now hopefully the rise in this stuff isn’t going to stick.  Hopefully bands and other fans will step up to stamp it out.  Essentially though I believe that if you go to a show and you behave in such a manner, potentially ruining the experience for me or anyone else, I think you are a cunt and should take a long hard look at yourself.

Anyway, this is probably one of my poorer written pieces and I apologise for that but this stuff pissed me off.  Rant over.


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