Download Announcement 4

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So Download added another group of bands this week and I figured I might as well keep up my evaluation of the line-up as a whole.  It’s also become clear that Sonisphere will be returning with an announcement due on Monday!  So look forward to hearing me complaining/celebrating that line up as well.  Right now however, we’re heading onto Download street where we now have a couple of second stage headliners as well as some bands fleshing out the lower stages.

Up first as a second stage headliner is Status Quo.  The aged rockers who have written the same song several hundred ways and made a very very long career out of it.  I don’t know what I think about this booking.  It’s kind of left field for Download but then on the other hand really isn’t.  Why shouldn’t the Quo be at Donnington?  They’re a pretty good fit.  I can’t call myself a fan, I’m more of an AC/DC man, but I know a lot of people are so I’m sure plenty will enjoy this.  Plus lets be honest, they do have some awesome songs.

A completely different proposition fills the other 2nd stage headliner slot with 90s pop-punk legends (are they legends? That’s a possible debate right there) The Offspring.  The Offspring are probably my least favourite of those 90s pop punk bands and I don’t like that many of those 90s pop punk bands, so I think that sums it up.  I guess they have some songs but I find things like “Pretty Fly (For a White Girl)” more annoying than enjoyable.  Again though, there is plenty of people who are probably very excited about this booking so I understand why they’re there.

Steel Panther are never a bad booking and every time i see them live they seem to have got bigger and better.  These guys get it and they’re very good at it so don’t be surprised if they once again continue their march up the Donnington ranks with a fantastic performance.  Trivium meanwhile, are apparently headlining the third stage?  How the mighty have fallen.  Copping doesn’t seem to have given a reason for that, because they are far too big to be doing so, but it’s possible they requested it?  They’ve actually been regaining the momentum they lost with The Crusade and proving they really are a very good metal band and who knows, absolutely destroying the tent may be the thing to remind the wider world just how good they are.

In Flames are  another solid booking that probably won’t get people through the doors but many will still be delighted to see them there and they will probably pull a healthy crowd.  While She Sleeps are in a similar position but are heading in the other way.  They are a band that will hopefully one day make it to the top of the Download bill (or at least one of the top three spots) and they damn well deserve to as well.  A huge set on one of the lower stages will allow them to get going in that direction and I can’t see how they can fail to go down well.

letlive. are one of my favourite bands on the planet at the moment and if the Sonisphere line up isn’t too my liking will be one of the reasons I will still be happy to head on down to Donnington.  Last time they were there I believe Jason got into a fight with security, so this is guaranteed to be interesting.  They are one of the best bands on the planet at the moment full stop.  Don’t miss it if you’re there.  The Black Dahila Murder are consistently praised by everyone around me and yet I still haven’t got round to listening to them.  I am going to assume they are as good as everyone says and suggest you check them out.

I also haven’t seen Crossfaith but will be seeing them support Limp Bizkit next year.  They are apparently brilliant live and they are definitely something a bit different so will probably be worth keeping a slot open for.  I’ll let you know for sure in a few months.  Miss May I kind of bore me and I don’t know who Blessthefall are.  I also already covered Dying Fetus in my last round up so that’s it!

As usual the Download under-card is looking strong and proving that even if you don’t want to watch the headliners there should be plenty there for everyone.  There is currently at the very least 10 bands I would go and see if they were playing near me and that’s out of 18 so it really isn’t that bad.  Sadly people are obviously still complaining but that’s the way it is.

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