Ginger Wildheart – Albion

Seven albums in two years, all funded by his fans.  Is Ginger Wildheart an example of the future of the music industry?  I don’t know, but I’m definitely not complaining about it.  Those of us who are on the wagon have already got our hands on the most recent Pledge funded Ginger album, Albion, which see’s him returning to the studio with the band he has been touring with for the last few years.

“Drive” opens up this album in classic Ginger style.  Those who have 100%/555% will recognise a return to that sound and it’s brilliantly done.  However, it quickly becomes clear that Ginger isn’t resting on his laurels, “Cambria” explodes in a way that will remind you of the Mutation albums he released last year, before going back to one of those classic Ginger Wildheart rock and roll choruses.  In that song I think this album is summed up.  This is a culmination of the last few years of work by Ginger.  He’s done rock, pop and metal and now he’s doing them all together and proving that it works.

From here on in it’s just song after song, “The Road to Apple Cross” has a jarring riff which Ginger barks over the top of.  Before “The Order of the Dog” opens slow and atmospheric as Ginger sings “I’m just so tired, I didn’t sleep too well.”  In the rest of the album you have the bonkers title track which closes us out with over ten minutes of sprawling epicness, sitting on the same CD as the bouncy dance along rock of “I Need You” and the burst of angry attitude that is “Capital Anxiety”.

It’s easy to just focus on Ginger on these releases but to do so is missing out on the incredible band that surrounds him.  The riffs throughout this album are perfect, they’re filled with crunch and oomph and even when they are being deliberately jarring they don’t ever stop being catchy and bouncy.  While Victoria Liedtke continues to prove herself as Ginger’s secret weapon.  Anyone who has seen the band live is probably already in love with her, but on the likes of “Creepers” she shows just how fantastic a vocalist she is.

This album has so much going on in it that if I was to continue I’d be talking all day.  It’s fantastically complicated while at the same time full of bouncy riffs and sing along choruses.  Ginger has that fantastic ability to make music that is both interesting and fun and to never forget that that’s exactly what music should be.  As far as I know you can still pledge on this album and get the whole thing (I am reviewing the Pledge edition, I believe a slightly shorter version will be released to the general public) and quite frankly I don’t see why you wouldn’t be rushing off to do that right now.

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