Architects – Lost Forever//Lost Together

Architects have had an unusual career path.  At one point they seemed like they could do no wrong and were heading for the big time.  Then they released The Here and Now, an album which despite some initially positive reviews, slowly saw fans turn against it and then even the band themselves turn their back on material they discovered they had little passion for.  Since then the release of Daybreaker has seen them begin the path to redemption and Lost Forever//Lost Together may be the album that seals that return.

This album makes it clear that Architects have that special quality that makes them stand out from your standard metalcore chaff.  Not only do they write big songs, with big choruses, but their use of dynamics and atmosphere to keep the tracks different and to make them stand out is masterful.  Like many of their peers it’s easy to see that Bring Me the Horizon’s explosion as a musical force has had an impact on the way they write songs, but Architects do enough with the ideas to make them their own, insuring they stay far away from copy cat territory.  Whether it be the heaviness of opener “Gravedigger”, with it’s shout along moments, or the atmospheric breakdown centric “Broken Cross”, Architects have perfected taking the formula and are making it better.

Lost Forever//Lost Together more than anything feels like a band finding their way back to what they want to be.  These are tracks made for the live environment and on the likes of “Naysayer” you can almost already hear the crowds singing along.  Despite this you never lose the feeling that these are weighty, important tracks that aren’t just made to be screamed along with.  While the band have themselves stated that they wanted to move away from the more political lyrics of Daybreaker it has not stopped them tackling some pretty big subjects.  Everything from religion, on “Broken Cross”, to cancer, on “C.A.N.C.E.R”, is covered here and there is a real sense that this is a mature Architects ready to really step up to the plate.

Architects have always been a band that many people seem to like but very few love (or maybe that is just myself).  It’s meant that while they have been knocking on the door for a long time they have never been able to burst through it and take the world by storm.  Lost Forever//Lost Together feels like an album that could change that.  This is a band firing on all cylinders and with tracks as big as these there is no doubting these guys are onto something.

For Fans of: Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage

Choice Cuts: ‘Youth is Wasted on the Young’, ‘Naysayer’

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