Download Preview: Friday

Picture credit: Download Festival

So Download is this weekend and the usual horde of rock and metal fans will descend on Donnington Park for a long weekend of drinking, moshing and general carnage.  Here at Ramblings About we are aware that you all know that checking out Avenged Sevenfold’s first UK festival headline slot might be a good idea and that Steel Panther will bring the rock, so rather than repeating what you already know we have decided to give our suggestions of three bands on each day that you might not be aware of and why you should definitely make it your mission to check them out.  So taking that into account, here is our three suggestions for this Friday.

1. Baby Godzilla – 19:40 – 20:05

If you were lucky enough to check out the latest Kerrang tour, you may have had your the fortune to be giving a sonic skull fucking by Baby Godzilla.  These guys have put together one of the most insane live shows on the go at the moment and it will be fascinating to see how they react to playing on the Red Bull Live Stage.  While they may still be young into their careers and because of that lacking in the ‘tunes’ department (I’m beginning to use that word far too often) they have a live show that may literally see them smacking you round the head and because of that this may be one of those moments where you can claim ‘I was there…’

2. Jamie Lenman – 19:15 – 19:40

Reuben seem to have become more popular in death than they ever were in life and it is a delight to have Mr. Lenman back now in a solo capacity.  Last year’s Muscle Memory was one of the most bonkers albums of the year and with him due to take to the Jagermesiter Acoustic Stage it has to be asked what we should expect?  Will he strictly follow the the rules or is there a chance some of the heavier numbers from his catalogue will make an appearance.  Either way, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

3. Letlive – 18:50 – 19:30

Letlive are the best young band on the planet right now.  Whether it’s on record, The Blackest Beautiful was my album of the year, or the live arena, where Jason Aalon is just a wrecking ball of passion and insanity, these guys can do it.  Throw in their history with Download security, who attempted to prevent Jason getting on stage when they last played the festival and this may be an explosion just waiting to happen.  Playing half way up the Pepsi Max stage it’s a different scene from where we are used to seeing the Letlive lads, but with them firing on all cylinders at the moment I can’t imagine it will be long till they are making spots like this, and higher up the bill, their own.


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