Download Preview: Saturday

So the first day of music at Download is getting ever closer and we move onto our recommendations of who you might want to check out on the Saturday  (if you’re interested on our Friday suggestions click here) because at Ramblings About we do things chronologically.  I realise some people are now at Download and setting up their tents so if you’re reading this from a field I hope the weather stays good!  (I’m not actually sure if it’s currently good, but it is in Edinburgh).

1. Malevolence – 19:55 – 20:25

Malevolence sound like what you would get if Black Flag and Lamb of God got together to have a love child.  The last year has seen their star begin to rise and when they hit the Red Bull Stage things are likely to go off.  While I’m personally not a fan of hardcore dancing at all (by not a fan I mean I think it’s the pursuit of absolute wankers) there is no denying that this is a band that know how to get a crowd moving.  Shove that into a busy tent and carnage may be the result.  Don’t miss it.

2. Sikth – 21:55 – 10:40

Sikth’s music sounds about as current as you can get.  The fact it was released about ten years ago is what makes that special.  Their influence on the current music scene is tragically overlooked and their reformation to play Download has stayed surprisingly low key, with them set to headline the Red Bull Stage.  While that is a bit of a shame, as these guys deserve to be huge, it still seems likely that this could be one of the sets of the weekend and a fantastic alternative to those not interested in Status Quo or Linkin Park (although putting them on at the same time as Behemoth is a bit cruel).

3. Orange Goblin – 16:15 – 16:45

Do you like heavy metal?  Do you like Black Sabbath inspired riffs?  Do you like headbanging?  Do you like beer?  Do you like having a fucking good time?  If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you have no excuse not to catch Orange Goblin on the Pepsi Max Stage this Saturday.  These guys are some of the hardest working men in British metal and over their nineteen year career they’ve put together one of the best live shows heavy metal has to offer, plus written a hell of a lot of great songs as well.  I genuinely can’t recommend them enough and if for some reason you haven’t accepted Orange Goblin into your life yet, this is your chance to make up for it.


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