Ginger Wildheart and G.A.S.S.

Ginger Wildheart has become a bit of a master when it comes to crowdfunding in the last few years.  Releasing a whole host of fantastic albums via Pledge Music and firmly establishing himself as one of the best songwriters in the world at this moment in time.  Earlier this year he took that one step further with the launch of G.A.S.S., the Ginger Associated Secret Society.  This site essentially took the crowdfunding model to the next level and melded with the old fashioned idea of a fan club.  Fans were able to choose one of three tiers of membership that gives them access to a collection of music, diary entries and all sorts of things to keep even the most die hard fan happy.  If you hadn’t guessed, I quickly signed up to said site but decided to hang off on writing about it until a few months down the line, in order to give an honest opinion of it.

Well we are now three monthly updates in and I can honestly say it has been worth every penny.  The most obvious examples of this is in the music.  This month includes the punk rock “What Would Henry Rollins Do?”, which bares some similarities to “How I Survived the Punk Wars” alongside the more reflective and melancholic “Petit Morte”.  With these tracks we also have several demo’s that have never previously been released, one of which called “Friction in my System” was originally intended for Alice Cooper.  With monthly updates always bringing with them new music and unreleased gems, when it comes to the musical side of things G.A.S.S. is worth the money for any fan, sure you are probably not going to like it all, but there is enough here that that won’t matter.

What makes G.A.S.S. even more fascinating is everything else that is available through this site.  So much so that I don’t even feel like I’ve scratched the surface of what I can get out of it.  This  includes things like Ginger’s recommendation of certain horror films, his ratings of them on both a film and gore level included and also his look at the secret history of rock, where he recommends bands and albums you may have missed, but are well worth your time.  Elsewhere there are regular podcasts, featuring a whole cast of people that populate Ginger’s life and if it’s that life that you want more of an insight into, the diary sections, detailing Ginger’s actions throughout the month, are going to show you a side of the man that you probably did not know existed.

All in all G.A.S.S. is a fascinating project.  It’s going out into pretty uncharted waters as far I can tell and so far I think it can only be called a success.  There is so much to get your teeth into on this site that I can’t see how you could fail to get your moneys worth.  If you are at all a fan of Mr. Wildheart’s work and aren’t already a signed and paid up member, then I suggest you get on it now.

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